Announcing the Worldwide 2’x4′ Challenge – Skate Everything Project

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Skate Everything Challenge

As many of you know we’re challenging everyone to open their minds and spread their love for skateboarding through our Skate Everything Projects.  Right now we’re at the Maryhill ‘Showdown at the Loops’ Race in Goldendale, Washington, one of the most renowned & official downhill races in the world, encouraging racers to take a pause from the competition and have some fun in our Maryhill ‘2×4 Chinese Downhill Race’.

The contest has gotten so popular that people have been begging us to open it up to everyone, worldwide, who can’t make it out to Maryhill.  To that we say ‘good idea’ and announce our new Worldwide 2×4 Skate Everything Challenge, open to all skaters everywhere.  Get your friends together, screw some trucks to a few pieces of wood and have some fun (and win some pizza).

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Find a random piece of wood thats not a skateboard or longboard.
  2. Add your trucks/wheels/bearings to it and SKATE IT.
  3. Post a picture or video to Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Make sure to include hashtag “skateeverythingproject“.
  5. We’ll choose 3 winners on Friday, July 1st (one week from today) and order a Large Pizza for you and your crew (your choice of toppings).





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Central Park Race Day

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The NYC Push Community is going strong. The CP Race, New York City’s second most notorious race reminds skaters of the importance of unity.


The 20th annual Central Park Race went down in smooth fashion in NYC last Saturday.

The race was followed by two more events, The Skate Everything Project: Manhattan and The 5 Bomber w/a Dirty Start.

Check out photo highlights and results from the day.

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2×4 Chinese Downhill Race at Maryhill: $500 Cash Prize!!!

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For our second (many more to come too!) Skate Everything Project challenge we are hosting a 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race during the final day of the Showdown at the Loops at Marhill on June 25, 2016. It’s a winner takes all challenge for $500 in cash. It’s gonna be super wild and fun and we can’t wait to watch a pack of skaters ripping down Maryhill on 2x4s and smiling and having fun together. Anyway, here are the challenge details and rules:

Date: June 25, 2016 mid day at the “Showdown at the Loops” event at Maryhill.

The Challenge: 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race (everyone rips down the hill all at once)

Cash Prize: $500 Cash winner takes all.

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Saturday in the Park

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“This year will be the 20th year anniversary of the Central Park Race.
We always have a good time and it’s a lot less dangerous than my more infamous race ‘The Broadway Bomb’.” – Ian Nichols

Saturday June 18th is packed with three big events in NYC. Click this link to find out details about the first one of the day starting at noon.

After the Central Park Race head downtown under the FDR highway smack between the Manhattan & Brooklyn bridges for the Skate Everything Project. Click this link to get the FaceBook411

For All Who Push

Saturday Night!

Make it a Marathon Saturday in NYC – Click to find out about the Dirty Start 5 Bomber.

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Bustin Out To Giant’s Head Tour, 2016

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Howdy y’all! We are packing up the Westcoast Bustin van and headed to events and shops and skateparks starting on June 17th, 2016. We’ll heading all the way up the Northwest coast from Los Angeles and ultimately landing Summerland, BC Canada. The above tour poster outlines all the tour stops and dates.

On this tour we’ll have a diverse cast of our Bustin Team and will include: Carla G. Javier-BreaWilliam RoyceMax Balesteros, Clark Patrick, Juan Pablo Villegas, Khaleeq Alfred, Marcus Bandy, Colbee the Cattle Dog, and we’ll also be meeting up with other homies like Cody Lux, Kurt Hurley and more.

Our goal for this tour is to help grow the skate community via sessions, events, and . We’ll also be filming and taking photos for future articles and videos showcasing this Northwest Coastin’ adventure. Stay tuned to all our social media platforms for more details to come “BustinBoards”.

One of the cool things we’ll be doing on this tour are a couple of pop-up Skate Everything Project challenges. If you are registered for Showdown at the Loops at Maryhill or for the Giant’s Head Freeride, then you are welcome to join in on our fun challenges for a chance to win $500 in cash for skating, having fun, and pushing your limits. Stoked! More details about our 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race at Maryhill coming soon, as well as details as to what we’ll be doing via a Skate Everything Project challenge at the Giant’s Head Freeride.

Last But not least, we’ll most definitely be stopping at Daddies Boardshop while in Portand, Or for a BBQ and session, as well doing something rad at Jack’s Board House in Medford when we roll through there too. See y’all on there road soon!!!!

2016 Showdown at the loops logos



Anyway, make sure you are registered for these two rad events (click the respective images to just DO THAT) and also make sure to follow us via our Facebook event page for daily updates on our upcoming tour and make sure you meet up to shred along the way.

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The Rooted: Rob Rodrigues

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Adult Size Fun - Pushing through Chinatown in NYC moving from one neighborhood to the next. What skater doesn't love that?

Adult Size Fun – Pushing through Chinatown with Adam Crigler a few years back in NYC. Moving from one neighborhood to the next with ease. What skater doesn’t love that?

From day one I’ve been fascinated by how skateboarding appropriates itself on every level. The streets weren’t paved for us but we use them as if we own them. Skateboarders getting Sideways in empty swimming pools. Slashing curbs and drainage ditches. Using benches that others can only sit down on. Bombing hills. That’s What I’m talking about! Even Primo and Pogo Freestyle Tricks….  Using the actual skateboard itself in ways it wasn’t built for. A Different Kind of Thinking – My Childhood Love.

South Miami 1977 - Creating my own environment with borrowed wood.

South Miami ’77 – Creating my own environment with borrowed wood from a construction site. Fashion styling provided by the times.

I sucked at all organized sports and activities from a very early age. When I got my first plastic skateboard I was like ‘This is mine! I can create my identity with this. I don’t care what others think.’ – You build your own environment with a skateboard. Repurpose elements of society that others see as mundane. – Me

Transworld Magazine, 1991. Photo; Spike Jonez Words; Cameron Martin

Transworld Mag – Check Out, ’91. Photo: Spike Jonez. Words: Cameron Martin.

Skateboarding has changed and progressed over the years. It’s become more organized with events and facilities. Still at the Root of it. Skaters can’t be contained or confined to a skate park, race, competition, or Game of Skate. Skate Leaders love the unintended purpose. Viva Skateboarding!!!

The Rooted is a new series. Whatever level or age you’re at, if you love skateboarding and it plays a role in your life you have a unique story to tell.

How does skating help create something different for you? Bustin Boards wants to know your history. We don’t care what brand or size board you roll on. If you do it then your in.


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Skateboarding Wins 2020 Olympic Gold!!!!

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So it’s semi (pretty much a done deal!) official that skateboarding will be in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The buzz is buzzing and there are many who are stoked, some who are bummed, and others who are left confused. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, it’s an interesting and important step for skateboarding and many questions are still left unanswered: Will downhill be included, Freestyle, What about the drug testing, and what will their costumes look like?

Anyway, we’re excited to watch it all unfold, and hope to one day have a Bustin Boards rider competing (Max Ballesteros wins Gold!!!) in this arena.

That said,  Wheelbase Magazine just launched a rad little news article discussing this new development with some links to more info as well as pertinent quotes from some of skateboarding’s icons as they way in on this exciting development. Click here to check it out.

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