Clark Patrick Melting Snow

Clark Test Drove the Shrike for Bustin Earlier this Year “Aggressive, versatile, and progressive. The Shrike is changing how I ride a longboard.” – Clark Patrick Find out more about the Shrike by clicking here!


2015 Downhill Event Calendar – via Wheelbase Mag

Peep the list from Wheelbase Magazine for upcoming Downhill events and get your calendars marked.  This year is jam packed with gravity skateboard events and we hope to see you out on the hill!  Bustin will be hitting the our stomping grounds on the east coast pretty hard this year, but keep an eye out for …Read the full article here…


New York boasts a rich surf history documenting back as far as the 1800’s and speckled with inspirational stores of struggle and grit. We’re stoked to partner with filmmaker and New York Surfer Thomas Brookins on a new series of boards paying homage to the roots of New York surfing and highlighting Brookins’ new documentary Fire and Water. The film will chronicle New York surfing heritage and firefighters that are the bloodline of the state’s beach culture today.


The new series from Bustin Boards, dubbed the NY Surf History Series, was created as a tribute to the foundation of this culture and designed to bring to life a classic, surf feeling. The cruiser-style shapes are inspired by the New York Surf Scene and developed for the surf-minded street carver with a perfect balance of flex, sizing, and artistry. The gently cambered flex characteristics make the boards a breeze to push, and a super comfy ride, despite rough seas… or roads rather. The four new models debut in April in select skate and surf shops around the world.

About Thomas Brookins:  Thomas is New York surfing through and through. A Rockaway resident, Brookins has been archiving the history of New York surfing for years, starting with his first documentary, Shadows of the Same Sun. Fire and Water has been his passion for the past few years, even despite a battle with Stage 4 Cancer, Brookins forged ahead and continued to work tirelessly on this film. He credits Fire and Water as part of the reason he survived. The film is nearing completion rapidly so keep an eye out.


Bustin Knuckles at Meijer State Games of Michigan Big Air Competition

The Midwest Bustin Roots Crew was assigned to the judges panel for Meijer State Games of Michigan “Big Air” Competition at Cannonsburg Ski Area. The Winter games happen once a year at Cannonsburg, check it out!