Bustin Street Crew 2015 IG Video Recap

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Published on Jan 15, 2016


2015 NYC Instagram Video Clip Compilation from the Bustin Street Crew. Skaters Prince Lang, Andy Millien, Eddie Henriquez, Dave Anders, and Pete Betti. Guest skaters Dillon Collins, Luis Tolentino, and Stephan Lewis destroy it as well.
Video & Edits by Rob Rodrigues and Prince Lang.
Happy 2016!!!

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New Artist Finishes Available Now

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Since we first began making boards in 2001, our focus at Bustin Boards has been to build custom longboard skateboards that meet the highest standards of design and engineering for riders of all styles and experience levels. In keeping, we developed an interactive website to make it easy for your to create your own longboard based around your style and we pour our hearts into every detail of the production process. We have over 750,000 ways to customize EACH board in our line-up and now the limitless just got less limited… Create and Skate yours today!


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How to Buy a Skateboard – as a Gift – Bustin Blog

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Alright, so it’s the holiday season, and your favorite person in the whole world wants a skateboard, so you turn to Bustin Boards!  But with all of the options available, it can be tough to pick something out as a gift.  So – let’s get started on a quick how-to not disappoint your favorite skater!


1 – What will they be doing?

The most common mistake that those new to the sport or those just looking in as a gift-giver, is that all skateboards are for all skateboarding.  In reality there are a number of “sub-sports” or disciplines within “longboarding” or “skateboarding”.  If you know exactly what they want to do, then great!  But if not, you’re going to want to get a little info.  Keywords like “sliding”, “freeriding”, “cruising”, “carving”, and “downhill” are all hot words!  Try and get your gift recipient to say one of the following words…

“Cruise” or “Cruiser” – These boards are typically fun to ride, and non-aggressive.  They make for great introductory boards!  The Cruiser 32 is this author’s personal favorite!

“Push” or “LDP” – Boards in this category excel at looooong distances.  We highly recommend the Nomad for the true distance pusher!

“Downhill” or “Freeride” or “Sliding” – These will tend to be slightly larger, stiffer boards made for speed and sliding the board sideways.  For the do-it-all kid who’s gonna want to skate everything, get them the Royce PRO.  For the guy or gal who’s gonna spend most of their time on the hill or in the mountains, grab the EQ!

2 – What wheels, truck, bearings do they need?

Many skaters are very preferential to their favorite brands of wheels or trucks.  We’ve made this step easy by creating a “pre-built” complete option for each of our boards.  Our team riders and designers worked together to figure out the best all-around set-up for each board in our line-up.  So if you’re unsure of specifics, you can grab them one of our favorite builds in order to get skating right away!


69mm Five-0 Royce Pro wheels

If you do know generally what they want – we have a wide variety of trucks available and the Five-0 wheels we cary are some of the most respected in the industry!

3 – When in doubt ask!

Of course you can ask them exactly what they want, but that can take some of the fun out of the process!  SO, also feel free to reach out to us either by email, online chat feature, or by phone!  We’re always happy to make a recommendation!

Impossible to be disappointed with some much gear!

Impossible to be disappointed with some much gear!

4 – Mystery Boxes!

For the skater who like a little random in their life – pick up a big ole box of skate stuff!  Assorted gear means no one leaves disappointed!


5 – Gift Cards!

Last but not least – you can always grab a gift card for your beloved skater!  It shows that you know and respect their love for the sport, but that maybe you weren’t 100% on what they needed.  Plus we’ll toss a couple stickers in with the card for extras!


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Joe Mazzone! Chicago’s Finest Distance Skateboarder

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Joe 1

How did you get into Distance Skateboarding?

I got into distance skateboarding from a cross country background, and to manage depression I’ve had for almost 10 years now. I used to run from 5th grade throughout high school, so I naturally developed that endurance.  After competitive running I was eager to fill the void.  When I got into skating everything transferred very smoothly; short skates became hour-long cruising ventures.  Of course everything changed one I got into the racing scene because I was introduced to competition.  Distance Skateboarding promotes endorphin release, it soothes my soul.

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Skate Everything

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Someone recently asked me on Instagram – “What makes Bustin’s street decks different than any other street board on the out there?” My short reply was – “Top quality American wood, a classic and functional shape. It’s an additional tool to take your skating where you want to go. Why wouldn’t we have the basics covered?”

Bustin has a broad lineup of all kinds of equipment for every type of specialized skating. Street decks are an Essential for skateboarding. If you choose to use one of our decks, even one of our generic shapes for your skating you’re basically saying as an empowered consumer – I support the Bustin Brand. The quality of the product. The attitude and image of the company. The aesthetic of the graphics. And I like the skaters that they choose sponsor and flow.

Cover the basics, learn and grow from there. It’s survival in the city.


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On the third weekend of every October, Skateboarders, both long & short are all welcome to come together in NYC for a weekend of skating and parties. It’s for All Who Push. Pushing just to have fun and enjoying the ride or pushing to bring your skating to the next level. It’s all skateboarding and part of the tapestry vital to the industry.

Get out there and skate!!! We’ll see you next October.


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