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Someone recently asked me on Instagram – “What makes Bustin’s street decks different than any other street board on the out there?” My short reply was – “Top quality American wood, a classic and functional shape. It’s an additional tool to take your skating where you want to go. Why wouldn’t we have the basics covered?”

Bustin has a broad lineup of all kinds of equipment for every type of specialized skating. Street decks are an Essential for skateboarding. If you choose to use one of our decks, even one of our generic shapes for your skating you’re basically saying as an empowered consumer – I support the Bustin Brand. The quality of the product. The attitude and image of the company. The aesthetic of the graphics. And I like the skaters that they choose sponsor and flow.

Cover the basics, learn and grow from there. It’s survival in the city.


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On the third weekend of every October, Skateboarders, both long & short are all welcome to come together in NYC for a weekend of skating and parties. It’s for All Who Push. Pushing just to have fun and enjoying the ride or pushing to bring your skating to the next level. It’s all skateboarding and part of the tapestry vital to the industry.

Get out there and skate!!! We’ll see you next October.


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Alyssa Monteiro, 2015 Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Women’s Champion!

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alyssa podium

Alyssa Monteiro is the 2015 Fiesta Island Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon Champion!  Alyssa’s win was not easy, as she defeated reigning champion Lexi Hutchings who was favored for the 2015 race.  Alyssa is from Chicago, Illinios and this was her 2nd Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon.  She has been travelling to quite a few skate events, skating a Bustin Maestro.  Her efforts have definitely paid off.  Alyssa’s name will be forever etched into the Adrenalina trophy and will be remembered as the fastest women’s skater in San Diego for the year 2015.  The following is an in-depth interview with Alyssa to learn a bit about who she is and why she loves distance skateboarding.

Photo Credit: Brad Miller

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Early Bird Special – Good Art Takes Time

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Good Art Takes Time.


We print custom boards by hand but our print crew feels the pain during the holidays because most of the orders come in at once after Thanksgiving.  This year we’re cutting them a break and offering a 20% Discount Custom Decks ordered before Thanksgiving Day.  Be kind to the print guys, get your holiday orders in early!

Get your design on and get creative:


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Dublin Pearse D’Arcy Crowned Champion at “King of Huku” at Ticknock, Ireland!

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King of Huku by Paul Fitzgerald

Dublin Pearse D’Arcy  wins “King of Huku”, a 2-man heat race on huku hill on the 14th of November. For anyone who hasn’t skated it or seen it before it’s narrow 5 corners and around 55 kph. There were a lot of potholes but they filled them in but it’s still rough in a few sections. The heats were picked by names pulled from a hat and the winners progressed. Pictured:  Pearse showing his mean face!

Photo: Paul Fitzgerald

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The World Around You

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“Skateboarding is not a hobby, and it’s not a sport. Skateboarding a way of learning how to redefine the world around you.” – Ian MacKaye of Fugazi




When you skate, things look different. sculpture looks like “SK-ulpture”, traffic jams are a playground to weave through. Everything can be potentially used and skated in some unintended way. Even without super skate skills, your mind begins to imagine what you could do if you got better. That is where a wealth of motivation comes from.

The first run of the Bustin Street Deck Series is selling out quickly. Click here to get yours today.


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New Custom Nomad

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New Bustin Nomad Custom
Our most popular new board of 2015 , The Bustin Nomad, is now available for Full Customization… but that’s not all.
Through our new HTML5 customizer you’ll now be able to build and order your custom nomad board right from your phone or tablet. We are counting on our customer and followers to help us trouble shoot any issues and so far its been it hit. Check it out for yourself at and give it a test drive!

Please send any issues/feedback here: (it takes a village)

Upload your design to instagram/Facebook with the #bustinNomad hash tag to add your Custom Boards Design to the on going Custom Gallery.







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