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Pardon my stoke!!!!

written by TeamBustin November 10, 2010

Solomon here. WOOOOOOOO!…. What an awesome past month this has been! It would be awesome if we could take every one of you as we continually meet other skaters and shred different spots. A massive group trip is in order. Who’s down?!?!

Today I’ll take a break from this roller coaster and work on a blog that will cover what has been going on this Fall season. This will surely take up a considerable part of the day so I’ll leave you with a couple snippets from  the marathon race this past weekend. Congrats to Jeff Vyain aka The Wiggler and the rest of the NYC representatives for such an epic showing. I am both proud and humbled to be a part of this with you all.
(Bustin, Concrete Kings, A-Team, Rat Rod, Earthwing, Push Culture) We Stay Skatin!!!!!

To be continued….


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