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written by Mike September 29, 2008

Customers frequently comment how special owning a custom Bustin board makes their riding experience. At the shop we brainstorm ideas of making the customization process better everyday. Thursday Evening the Bustin crew had local skaters get involved at the shop and the evening was epic.

New York City riders Micku Murgolo, Jimmy Soladay, and Cory Wilder joined the Bustin team for drinks and a board carving festival. Digging through a humble pile of raw shapes, the riders examined the pressed maple sheets and carefully chose their weapon. Using the abundant templates lying around the shop, ideas were sketched and boards were forged.

Micku’s board was inspired by her recent adventures abroad. Competing in several events in 2008, Micku “Scorpion” Murgolo learned from some of skateboarding’s greatest legends. Dedicated to the sport, Micku continues to go big. In her latest competition “Go Fast Speed Days” in Eastbourne, U.K. she placed 2nd in the Women’s downhill. Wishing to combine downhill stability and controlled slides, the Scorpion’s board was conceived.

Widely recognized in the “Soladay Series” on YouTube, Jimmy Soladay took a night away from his lady to join the party. Without hesitation the manual king chose his prey and began the operation. Fired up on PBR, we watched Jimmy as he defied history creating the soon to be legendary dropped popsicle. Inspired by his latest creation, “The Jimmy Special Sauce”, Jim successfully forged one of skateboarding’s greatest speed weapons.

Longboards were first engineered to mimick moves on a wave. Long Island surf prodigy Cory Wilder understands the fluid feel of east Coast waves and translated that into a ground surfer. Recognized for his graceful, incredibly fast style, Cory holds nothing back on the pavement and held nothing back in the shop.Noting meticulous detail, the “Sultan of Steez” sketched out his battle axe. Designed for speed and predictable standing slides, “The King of Central Park” wiled out with the electric sander and produced an electrifying board. The product is breathtaking.

Bustin Boards, Co wishes to create only the best performing boards on the market inspired by our network of unique advanced riders. Each board is designed to meet the demands of our cherished ” Bustin Soul Riders”.We recognize talented riders that leave everyday life on the porch and find enlightenment on the pavement.Our line of boards will be forever sustainable because of our close knit friendships with such talented riders. Cheers


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GAbin November 7, 2008 at 9:15 am

hi micku, que bella esa foto .. no lo puedo creer verte en ese sendo spot … tremendo taller .. estas midiendo tu tabla, bueno la fabriks… de lujo… espero algun dia me des unas clasesitas vale….

GAbin November 7, 2008 at 9:27 am

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y las FELICITACIONES ni creas que no las tienes merecidas, tienes ese tour. no solo por mi cuyagua, mas q ganada sino por todos los mejores spots de asfalto cemento y madera, q en mi ALMA estan impresos…. te los muestro cuando decees… DEJO TODO POR Q DE CIERTA MANERA INSPIARDORA .. cuando quiero o no me siento de animos… AL saber de ti forzar…. me forsa al rodar y rodar,,, tripear y tripear, espero algun dia, pueda estar cerk…. para aprender de una DIOSA.. GRANDE NENA gRANDIOSAmente inspiradora, sigue forsando las barreras, hip hip … mickuandsu new board.s UP… o shit trato de decir donw….DONWTHEHILL MOST QUICK THAN never.

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