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2010 – The Year of the Longboard

written by Ryan March 12, 2010

Whats up everyone.  Its been a crazy several months at the new Bustin headquarters in Brooklyn as we prepare for tons of new things this spring.  I havent taken a day off in nearly a month because I’m so energized and focused on all of the projects we are working on.  Finally, I am taking the weekend off to rest but couldn’t resist one more quick blog post to drop some hints about how exciting this spring is going to be for Bustin and for longboarding in general.

First and foremost, we have a store.  Most of you all probably know this, but what you may not know is that our entire business plan for the store revolved around Spring 2010.  We opened the doors back in November, but that was precisely so that we could fine tune the store and our product offerings before Spring arrived.  We have spent months tuning our operations to make the ultimate longboarders playhouse and we’re not finished.  Recent additions are the riders lounge where anyone can tune their board, watch/share youtube videos or just kick back on the couch flipping through old Concrete Wave articles.  In addition, we are pulling in tons of new products to make all the longboard nerds in New York giddy including things like different sized king pins, tail devil sparks, more bushing choices and lots more.  As it gets a little nicer we are going to begin work on our roof deck skaters garden (no we’re probably not putting a half pipe out there, our neighbors might bug).  All in all, the new headquarter spot in Williamsburg is working out great and we couldnt ask for a better situation, having our offices, shop, prototyping facility, riders lounge, order fulfillment shop and store ALL under one roof in one awesome neighborhood.  If you havent yet, come bye and hang.

And we wouldnt need all these fancy facilities if we werent staying busy creating.  I won’t go into detail for the sake of staying fashionably secret, but lets just say the prototyping shop floor is covered with shavings from almost every type of wood, fiberglass and paint that exists.  Our community of skaters is pitching ideas and we are bringing them to life.  We’re still not sure which ones will make it to market or how soon we will figure out the logistics of doing so, but we’re getting there.  Standbye and look for several new boards from Bustin in 2010.

In addition, and in the more short term, we are releasing a brand new line of our Boca wheel.  The new line is designed as a grippier, faster free-ride wheel.  We haven’t publicly released the shapes and designs yet, but there will be a 66mm, 70mm and 75mm version available followed by a 64mm addition in late spring.  Stay tuned and look for the new freeride styled longboard wheels to drop in late April.

We’ve also been working diligently on a huge article for Concrete Wave featuring the NYC longboard scene and characters that make it one of a kind.  The article will be a comprehensive look at the people, places, companies and attitude that make NYC longboarding unlike any other scene.  Look for the article to drop in the April issue of CW.

In addition to all that we’ve been getting our business tight.  I won’t bore you with the details of that but lets just say we’ve spent days and days figuring out, setting up and tightening down accounting structures, inventory processes, work flow systems and lots of other ridiculous stuff you wouldnt imagine when you dream about your skateboard company growing into something more than you in a barn with a saw.  All in all, it hasnt been bad and is actually kind of interesting to start to see complex operations working like a well oiled machine.  My feeling is that getting this stuff out of the way now will allow us more time going forward for the fun, creative stuff.

With that said, I’m out.  I have been so stoked to see all this coming together that I rarely stop to think about anything else in the world around me.  This weekend I’m going to step back and enjoy a rainy weekend at home with my lady and try real hard not to think about longboards.

See you all bright and early Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone.



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Benji March 14, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Hopefully you guys can keep the cost down on those 70mm, and 75mm Boca Wheels.

Ryan Rubin March 14, 2010 at 9:07 pm


That was a poetic “quarterly report”. Congrats on all your success and streamlined business model. Having your own vision come to life is one thing, but creating a facility for others ideas is a whole other level.

All the best from Longboard Living,

– Ryan

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