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2016 Bustin Boards Holiday Buyers Guide

written by Josh Dunn November 13, 2016

‘Tis the season where it is better to give than receive, but here at Bustin we like to think that we challenge the philosophical truth behind that proverb since its almost equally as rad receiving the gift of one of our boards as it is to give one! The biggest challenge that often is faced by those looking to gift the shredder in their life with one of our sleds is choosing the particular shape and/or model that would best pertain to the individuals skating style. As a solution to this plaguing predicament, we here at Bustin have come up with a full 2016 Holiday Buyers Guide that will highlight the various categories found within our shred sled line-up to better help you pick the proper performing plank. Our entire line-up will be discussed throughout the next couple of weeks including our boards, wheels, and bearings so make sure to stay tuned for the dropping of each of these new postings as the go live right here on our blog!


Just a small sampling of the many goodies that we have here at Santa’s favorite skate warehouse


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