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2016 Holiday Buyers Guide: “Grom Gear”

written by Josh Dunn November 18, 2016

Skateboarding is a journey that takes a lot of time and practice but is to anyone who has put enough of either of those things, the reward is 100% worth the effort. That being said it is never to early to get on a skateboard for the first time and try it for your self! The Bustin Crew is stoked to be able to offer equipment to all the young guns out there looking to grab their first board or their latest rip stick in the journey through their progression. Our boards are not about the skill level of the rider, but rather their personal desired performance results making it easy for everyone to find their perfect ride. So the first step to finding that magic carpet ride you’re looking for is deciding whether you want to push, cruise, and carve your way through your neighborhood,  or if you are looking for something suited more for tricks and visits to the local skate park.


10 year old Curren Atterbury charges his back yard vert ramp on one of our street decks. Photo: Rich Atterbury

Kickin’ and Cruisin’: 

If soulful carves as you jam and style your way across any and all pavement you can find with effortless ease then we would recommend the Maestro Mini as the perfect board to help you accomplish these glide inspired missions. This board is 33″ long and comes in at 8.6″ wide making it a stable, yet agile board for riders of smaller stature. The mellow concave on the standing platform allows for comfortable and confident foot placement allowing for tweaks and variations of stances while mobbing around your local neck of the woods. Featuring a symetrical shape that can be ridden forward or backwards, this design also affords the user multi-specturm use of the fully functional nose and tail. By design this board is up to what ever task you throw at it and is capable of progressing with the rider as they begin to feel more confident attempting more technical pursuits.


Luca taking on the city bustle atop his Maestro Mini. Photo: Khaleeq


Skate Parks and Tech Tricks:

If when you think skateboarding you begin to dream of flowing effortlessly around the skate park hitting every obstacle as you snake your way in and out of the concrete features then our 7.75″ Street Deck is your go to board option. This standard double kick skateboard features a mellow concave that cradles the riders feet but also aids in the journey the learning of flip tricks and more tech related maneuvers.   Measuring in at a pretty standard 32″ long, this skateboard is a perfect way to learn on a board that is similar to the wider boards that a younger rider will eventually grow into. This skateboard has no skill level associated and is a friendly beginner board that is very capable of allowing vast levels of progression without needing to upgrade your equipment.


Navigating the humps and bumps of life is easy atop our 7.75″ Street Deck as shown but our man Jacsen Kutik. Photo: George Patterson




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