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2017 Bustin Gear Guide: BambooX Maestro

written by Josh Dunn November 29, 2017

Today’s board break down covers perhaps one of the most classic shapes that we have in our line up. The Maestro is a rootys shape developed in the streets of NYC that was designed simply to get you from Point A to Point B faster and more efficiently than any other commuting option. Peep the short video before heading down the Bustin Factory Store or checking it out online!



-Length: 37″

-Width: 9″

-Wheelbase: 26.33″

-Forward Camber

-Drop Through truck mounting systems

-Functional Nose and Tail

Suggested Set-up:

-Trucks: 180mm Paris 

-Wheels: 70mm Bustin Premier Formula

-Bearings: Bustin Builtin 6Balls


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