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2017 Bustin Gear Guide: Bustin Bearings

written by Josh Dunn December 9, 2017

Often over looked but never absent, bearings are a critical component to keep you rolling and here at Bustin we understand there are many different requirements from individuals when looking at what bearings to choose. In today’s 2017 Bustin Gear Guide, we are going to run through our in stock bearing options so that you can start to decide which model is going to be best for you. Watch the video before mobbing over to the site or to visit us here in the Factory Store to grab the right set of bearings for your skating preferences!

Suggested Uses:

-Bustin Abec7’s: Perfect for price conscious customers who those simply looking to pop them in and run them to the ground.

-Bustin Abec9’s: Great for riders looking for a longer lasting roll quality as well as improved overall smoothness 

-Bustin Built-in 6Ball’s: Ideal for Long Distance Pushers as well as Mountain Mobbers looking to absolutely maximize their roll speed

-Bustin Built-in Ceramics: This option is made for those who want a long lasting, high quality bearing whose performance can be maintained over long periods of time through routine cleanings.


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