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2017 Bustin Gear Guide: William Royce Pro Model

written by Josh Dunn December 14, 2017

Season’s Greetings and welcome back to the latest, and dare we say greatest, Bustin Gear Guide to date! Today we are going to break down our long time homie William Royce’s Pro Model skateboard and highlight why this is truly a Skate Everything machine. Will has worked very hard putting in many hours prototyping to get this board design tweaked to really fit the style skating he is enjoying most right now. Watch the quick break down video of this mashing machine before snagging one for your self!


-Length: 37.5″

-Width: 9.5″

-Wheelbase: 20.25″-27.30″

-7 Plies of Rock Hard Canadian Maple

-Over sized wheel wells and wheel flares

-Removal of W-Convace

-CNC’ed precision flush mounts

-Fully functional tail

Suggested Set-up:

-Trucks: 180mm Paris

-Wheels: Five-O 69mm Royce Pro

-Bearings: Bustin Built-in 6Balls 



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