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Rat-Rod Longboarding NYC – Tompkins Square Park

written by Mike December 5, 2008

Theseus Williams and Mike Dallas proudly introduce “Rat-Rod NYC Longboarding”.  The hard core in your face, action packed high pace, casual lifestyle of the New York Metro commuter.

Hauling lumber and power tools for the job, Theseus weaves traffic, pacing with taxi’s, buses, SUV’s and bikes.  Dressed in black and wearing a flashing red light on his back, Theseus drag races through traffic, alert, prepared for every obstacle.  The carpenter’s longboard is as much utility of transportation as is push cart for carpentry materials.

Rocking his briefcase, burgundy loafers, slacks, tie and jacket the Wall street’r skates to work Monday through Friday at 8am, then home at 5.  He is faster than traffic, dressed nice and gets to work really fast!

Waking early weekdays, the New York City skate messenger clocks in, marks his manifest and skates his route.  Extremely aware of traffic patterns, signals and hazards each parcel is delivered promptly and efficiently, not to mention the thrilling ride.

Rat Rod Longboarding is the genre of longboarders that demand intense conditions and vigorous physical activity.  The skater that phenes speed and power, weaving urban obstacles in his Urban Assault.

Changing the norm of West Coast cruiser style, New York City Longboarding is high input and physically demanding.  Most pavement is flatland so majority of the skate is pushing.  Many longboards are used but few meet the demands of the city.

The Rat Rod Crew cordially invites you to the “Tompkins Square Park Rat-Rod Drag Races”.  Beginning early October 2008, Theseus and Mike discussed the voids of the city scene.  Drag racing is a new idea so we started with Tompkins Square Park for it’s convenient location, history and race course.

There is a moderately intricate web of pavement through a square shaped city park located at Tompkins Square Park.  A 10.5 acre public park in Alphabet City, a section of the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan in NYC.  Sunday afternoons throughout December and the new year (2009) races will be held at the park.  The course will be inside the park and clearly marked because there are hairpin turns.  We expect good attendance because the event is fun and the genre of skating we are familiar with in the city.

***Visiting New York City???  Rat-Rod NYC Longboarders know all the best spots, book a guided tour or metro longboarding technique session today!  e-mail: skate@bustinboards.com


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