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2nd Annual Open House for AAS…

written by TeamBustin February 10, 2009

Its that time of year again and we are diligently planning our second edition of the Open House for a late May to early June timeframe. Last year’s Open House was all i had hoped it would turn out to be. We raised over $3000 for Adaptive Action Sports and helped them to branch out to the east coast. Since last year both

Bustin and AAS have gotten together several times, at the Summer X Games in LA and we will also be attending the USASA Adaptive Nationals in Copper Mt Colorado. Each time we all get together it solidifies our decision to support this amazing cause, hence the reason we changed the name to the Open House for AAS. This year’s donations have already found a home and will be going to support a group of disabled children as they attend the Element skate camp this summer. The camp is a week long lesson on skating adaptive style. It costs about $5000 for the week so our goal is to cover their bill and hopefully have extra to support the athletes that will be competing in this year’s Summer X Games.

Back to the planning. We are trying to solidify a space in NYC at this moment to handle about 500 attendees. We are in talks right now with two locations but if anyone has a contact to pass on, please do. The sponsorship tiers are in their first daft and will be finished within the next 2 weeks. We are hoping to get a lot of help from the industry this year so stay tuned for posts on newly added sponsors and updates on our second go at a charity.

If anyone has ideas/ contacts for an NYC location, possible sponsors or if you just want to make an early donation; please contact me, Matt@bustinboards.com. Any help is greatly appreciated. Pass this post along to others and lets start building the buzz!


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Mason February 10, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Is there a group skate involved?/What is on the agenda for the day of the 2nd Annual Open House for AAS?

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