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2×4 Chinese Downhill Race at Maryhill: $500 Cash Prize!!!

written by TeamBustin June 15, 2016


For our second (many more to come too!) Skate Everything Project challenge we are hosting a 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race during the final day of the Showdown at the Loops at Marhill on June 25, 2016. It’s a winner takes all challenge for $500 in cash. It’s gonna be super wild and fun and we can’t wait to watch a pack of skaters ripping down Maryhill on 2x4s and smiling and having fun together. Anyway, here are the challenge details and rules:

Date: June 25, 2016 mid day at the “Showdown at the Loops” event at Maryhill.

The Challenge: 2×4 Chinese Downhill Race (everyone rips down the hill all at once)

Cash Prize: $500 Cash winner takes all.


1. All registered riders of the Showdown event are welcome.

2. Any trucks and wheel combo is fine.

3. Your 2×4 must not exceed 32 inches in length.

4. All participants must furnish their own setup.

5. Griptape is highly recommended.

6. First one down the hill wins $500. in cash!!!!!

Please make sure to post a pic of your 2×4 set up to Instagram and:
Tag: @bustinboards @Hashtag: #SkateEverythingProject #ShowdownAtTheLoops

Also, make sure you are registered for the Showdown. Gonna be a blast!!!

2016 Showdown at the loops logos

Btw, here’s a shot of a 2×4 Challenge board we just set up to spec for this event:



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