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Snowboarding in NYC, Ryan’s Roast and Selling Trash…Literally

written by TeamBustin February 9, 2009

It’s been a busy weekend for the Bustin crew.  It started Thursday night as we met up with Christian from Driggs Brothers Productions and Joe from Okoto to check out the Red Bull Snowscrapers event on the East Side.  It was a freezing 10 degrees out, but thousands braved the cold to watch Shaun White, Travis Rice and others hit a GIANT spine.  Jersey’s own Shayne Pospisil took home the win (and $50,000) as Rice and White failed to make the finals.

Saturday, with Cody and Patty (from I Chose to Live) in town, we headed back to the East Side to check out the Winterjam.  The spine was still set up as Red Bull put on an exhibition.  With temps in the 50’s, the ramp was slow and a few riders were struggling to make the gap.  It was a great day, and the park was packed with people checking out the booths and enjoying the foot of snow made for the event.

Those who are close to the Bustin family know of Ryan’s recent decision to head west, to the land of reality television, rims and big sunglasses, LA.  In true Ryan fashion, he wanted to celebrate his last night on the east coast with a “comedy night” – a night of good drinks, good people and funny jokes.  Well, the joke was on him.  After making Ryan go first, the comedy night turned into a Roast, as we shared stories about Ryan’s long and colorful past.

Our recently launched “art decks” have gained quite a bit of attention on a well-known longboard forum.  Apparently some feel we’re selling “trash,” which is apparently frowned upon.  Luckily for us, our trash seems to be high-demand, as they’ve been flying off the shelves.  Frankly, they’ve been sitting and collecting dust in our shop for quite some time.  We don’t want them in the landfill, so we’re letting some creative, forward-thinking individuals purchase them.  Hang them on your wall as decoration, turn them into coffee tables or book shelves, practice fiberglassing…who knows?  If you come up with a cool use for them, be sure to let us know!


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