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5 differences between Skateboarding in the USA vs Colombia

written by Will Royce April 4, 2017

5 differences between Skateboarding in the USA vs Colombia

Hi My name is William royce. I have been visiting Colombia for 5 years and have experienced the country a total of 7 times. I just finished a 2 month trip to the vibrant and beautiful city of Medellin.

Skaters in Colombia will skate whatever they have. Broken board, flatspotted wheels. Even boards with missing tails and noses are not an uncommon sight. Witnessing people attempting 360 flips and landing almost every try on a board that looks too beat up to make an olli with is an eye opener. Meeting up with skaters to bomb hills and watching them put cored wheels on a downhill board is the norm. This is the result of skateboards and skate gear being very expensive For most Colombians. Only the rich or sponsored can afford Fresh Gear. The majority of people are left riding one board for 5 years and loving it.

In the USA all the best people at the skatepark are kids, in Colombia all the best people at the skatepark are adults.

It’s not out of the ordinary to see a 12 year old at a California skatepark doing airs out of the bowl that are taller than you. However you want see any of that down south.

Roller blading or Agressive Inline skating is still alive and well in Colombia so don’t be surprised to see a healthy amount of Bladers at the skatepark.

Almost everyone bombing hills has to be rather good. In Colombia if your not good then you die. Traffic is heavy in the city and you have to deal with numerous motos weaving there way between traffic as well as buses constantly cutting their lane. Mix that in with some of the steepest roads in the world and you get a group of skaters with a high caliber of skill and precision not seen in other places around the world.

In Colombia all the skaters actually skate. Its not like in North America where you see people pretending to be skaters with penny boards or thrasher T shirts. Most skaters in Colombia still share that common bond of belonging to a small group of outlaws.


On a recent moto adventure into the Colombian Andes Mountains, we skated a road where a land slide had recently attacked both lanes.  Lucky for us one side had already been cleared out making the run skate-able. Below is a raw run video of myself filmed by Colombian Sk8rat Juan Pablo.


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