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A Board Run-through Part 2 – Bustin Longboards NYC

written by Bubbles June 8, 2012

Hey kids!  Time for part 2 of our Board Run-through.  Today we’ll be addressing the later half of our line-up, organized by size, so for those of you looking for a slightly larger deck, this post’s for you!  Here we go…

Cigar (38″ L x 7.7″ W x 26″ WB)

This is the longboard.  You want a longboard?  What kind of longboard?  A longboard longboard?  This is the Longboard.  For when you just need to cruise, use a kick-tail now and then, and just want the comfortable feel of gliding along the streets or the boardwalk, its the Cigar.  The Cigar is appropriate when a cigar is appropriate.  Sunday afternoon’s with nothing to do, and a beautiful afternoon to enjoy?  It’s the Cigar.

Talking points: Kick-tail, crusiy, “longboardy”

Strike (38″ L x 9″ W x 26.75″ WB)

The Strike was our first drop-through board to hit the market, and was truly designed with the bustin “Push Culture” feel in mind.  With our forward mounted “Push Camber” and a unique wedged geometry, the Strike is fast, responsive, carvy, and yet stable all at the same time.  Check out our “What’s Wedge” blog post for more info on the Strike’s geometry specifically.  But in general, this is our cruise, freestyle, downhill, push, everything hybrid board.  There is no area or discipline of riding that the Strike can’t handle and it really lives up to it’s role as our “jack-of-all-trades” board.

Talking points: “Push Camber”, stable and responsive geometry, large kick-tail

Robot 41 (41″ L x 10″ W x 31″ WB)

Robot 36 (36″ L x 9″ W x 26″ WB)

With 2 different sizes, the Robot is everyone’s freeride board.  For those under 5’10” check out the Robot 36, for those over 5’6″ scope the Robot 41.  Somewhere in between?  Comes down to your preference!  Either way, you get a super stiff freeriding feel for maximum contro through your slides as well as confidence when barreling downhill.  Drop it through for extra stability on the hill and extra leverage in your slide, and just in case that all wasn’t enough for you, we’ve routed out a stepped “slide rail” along both side of the board.  Perfect for locking your toe or heel into and jamming that long slide out.  If you need fast, slope-slide, freeriding in your life, the Robot wants to help!

Talking points: 2 sizes for all sized riders, stiff freeride control, drop-though mounting, slide rail technology

Ibach (40″ L x 10″ W x 31.5″ WB)

The Ibach was the very first member of our expanding freeride / DH family.  With a drop of a full inch and a long 31.5″ WB, you get tons of control and stability out of this bad boy.  We’ve added the option of choosing between 9 and 10 ply for those who might want a LITTLE bit of flex in their boards.  But if you want a super stiff deck with none bounce what-so-ever, the 10-ply is standing by!  Will Royce’s 2011 race deck of choice, the Ibach locks you in with a nice tight drop, and has our slide rails for extra horizontal grip.  If you plan on going fast, be sure to check these puppies out.

Talking points: 1″ dropped platform, slide rails, stiff construction, 2 thickness options

Boombox (42″ L x 10″ W x 29.5″ WB)

Kicks!  Drop!  Rocker!  Sex!  I mean what?!  But yes, seriously, this board has it all.  We’ve combined all manner of curves to make the sexy Boombox.  Esentially an EQ at heart, the Boombox is that and more.  We’ve added 3″ of tail to each side for huge shuv-it and ollie potential, removed a ply of wood to give it a VERY slight amount of flex for pushing ease, and then read it a bed-time story so it’s extra nice by the time it reaches your door.  With the radial drop thats been added to the board, we were able to push the concave all the way out to the ends of the standing platform.  These drops provide you with a half an inch of drop when you’re in “battle stance,” combined with arch support from the radial pattern (wait what?! arch-support in a longboard?!) meaning tons of control in slides and downhill, but also dropped it another half inch in the middle, which means your pushing stance is a full inch lower than the standard height of a traditional top-mount.  This is also where that minor flex comes into play!  When your pushing, with all your weight in the middle, you’ll get just the right amount of bounce to generate serious pushing power.  Hope back into the super locked in foot spots and get ready for some horizontal motion if you know what I’m saying!

Talking points: BIG kick-tails, radial drop, rocker, tight concave extended throughout foot platform

Complex (39″ L x 9″ W x 27.5″ WB)

If you want a longboard that feels a little shorter than it truly is, check out the Complex.  Basically the big brother the the Spliff, the up-turned nose wedges the front truck for additional turning prowess and the big (I mean BIG) tail makes popping over curbs a breeze.  Grab this deck and head on down to the shore for an simply Complex afternoon or cruising and carving!

Talking points: Big Big tail, wedged nose, plenty of foot space


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