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A Photo-Tour of Board Design // Bubs the Builder

written by Bubbles November 7, 2016

Hey kids!  This week I’m going to spend some time to give you a quick little photo-tour of the process we use for designing and creating new prototype boards!  We’ll obviously steer away from specifics, wouldn’t want to give away our secrets, but hopefully this will help to give you a glimpse into our head when we’re in design mode.

The first step is always the concept.  What do we want out of a new board?  Is it a downhill machine?  Is is a quiver-killer?  Is is designed to dance?  Or is it just something tiny to go as fast as possible on?  Once you’ve got an idea of what you want out of your board, it’s time to start thinking critically.  The very first innovation to change wooden skateboards was an addition of an up-turned kicktail to add POP to the boards.  Needless to say, since then we’ve come a long way as an industry.  Different concave profiles, dropped boards, different drop shapes, rocker, camber, etc, etc, etc.  It’s important to consider all of the design elements you could include in a new board, OR, maybe you’ve got a couple brand new ideas to test like we did in the Shrike, the upcoming Max B board, or the proto-type pictured below.  Now that we’ve got an understanding of what the board will be, and how to make it that, we take our ideas and put pen to paper, er….. mouse to computer screen?  Either way, we draw 3D skateboards.


Front on view of a skateboard design


The side view looks more familiar to most


Lines turn into surfaces, mmmm looks comfy!


Of all the design elements, the shape is what looks most like a skateboard

At this point we’ve done all we’re going to do for version 1.0 – we won’t be able to make modifications until we get some feedback after building and riding one!  We’ll leave it off here for now, make sure to tune in next week as we go from the digital, to the physical world with this bad boy!




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