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A Photo-Tour of Board Design – Part Two // Bubs the Builder

written by Bubbles November 16, 2016

Welcome back kids!  Last week on “Built By Bubbles” we took the first steps towards developing a production level board!  We thought about the board, we thought about what we wanted the board to be, we considered the board’s own personal feelings, and we landed on a shape (to be fair, we landed on version 1.0 – plenty more versions to come!)

The next step is to take that design, and make it into a skateboard!


Alright so it’s not quite that easy… The next step is to make a mould.  All (most) skateboards are made from a veneer sandwich.  A whole bunch (7-10) sheets of REALLY REALLY thin (0.0625″) of maple are glued, stacked, and pressed together to provide the strength, as well as the 3-dimensional shape, of a skate board.


So in order to make a skateboard out of this wood sandwich, we need to create the mould, which will give the board it’s shape and provide a surface to apply pressure to the wood.  To do this, we take the 3D shapes we developed last week, and using a CNC machine, we carve them into a block of either wood, aluminum, MDF, or a similar material.



This becomes the bread to our wood sandwich.  Just squeeze it all together and pop it in the oven (ok don’t actually cook it), and you get what we call a cartridge, or un-cut board.

Next step is pretty obvious, but you just need to cut it out!  You can use a jigsaw, bandsaw, or number of other tools, but for consistencies sake, we use the trusty CNC router again!


Then you’ve got a board, only one thing left!  Grip it, rip it, and skate it!

Cheers and happy board-building!



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