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A Week (or two) With Will

written by Josh Dunn February 25, 2017

The epitome of living the skateboarding lifestyle is achieved by hoping in a van packed full of your crusty homies, hell bent on nothing but adventure and good times atop your wiggleboard. Our dude William Royce has been subscribing to this life for many, many moons and has pretty much dialed in how to maximize his thrills during his time on the road. This was most recently accomplished when he climbed into the van for the Bustin YoStates Tour (highlighted in Part I & Part II) which carried him counter clockwise across the country. Luckily for all of us, Will was busy stacking cell phone clips from the various stops made along the way and complied them into a sneak peak of what its like to be on tour for A Week (or two) With Will.



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