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Angelopolis with the Medellin Crew

written by Will Royce April 10, 2017

Skating in the city of Medellin, Colombia can get hectic at times. On the streets there is always traffic and police. Thats why we like to leave the city and drive half an hour out to a gorgeous road that leads into the country. Angelopolis has perfect pavement mixed with dropping hairpins. In Colombia Moto’s are life and on this day it was no different. Everyone drove their motorbike to the session. Usually we will either pack 2-3 people on a Moto, drive to the top and take runs.  Skating down we use a Moto Driving in front, honking the horn if cars are driving up. Occasionally a large truck will be slowly driving up and the whole crew will grab on for a ride to the top. We put a camera on one of the follow drivers during a midday session and captured some of the fun.


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