Will Royce Skates South Korea

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Video

From the man (Bill Rice) himself:

“Everything in Korea is skate-able. The roads and the city.  Gong to S.Korea was similar to getting off the plane and arriving in the future.  Everyone has nice cars, clean streets, and neon lights everywhere.  Illegal drugs are super illegal there but they love their legal drugs.  Everyone smokes and drinks… BUT, if you’re Korean and you smoke cannabis in California, then fly home and they find out, you go to jail.

Everyone I met was super friendly and easy to talk to and there didn’t seem to be any sort of homeless problem.  I can’t wait to go back for Koreas first IDF race in April – the road looks amazing.

The 1 Love Skate Shop in Seoul was one of the best shops I have ever visited.  They had longboards and skateboards, giant TVs playing rad videos, and a really good vibe. We set up a rail out front one day while I was there and had a good session.  The shop is also right down town and close to all the action!

Thanks and shout-out to Young for all the hospitality and love!”

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Bustin Boards – Toti Bicicleta: Styling in Solitude

Bustin Boards –  Toti Bicicleta: Styling in Solitude

Posted by on Dec 12, 2016 in News, Video

Toti Bicicleta took a day trip to a secluded residential area in Spain and played skateboards all day long.

Toti Bicicleta is back at it again, going fast in the Spanish hills. Filmed by his good friend Melvin Herrmann, here’s our dude enjoying a sunset evening session.

Rider: Toti Bicicleta
Deck: Bustin Boards ThermoGlass Shrike
Trucks: Bear Grizzly’s
Wheels: ????????????

Film/Edit: Melvin Herrmann

Music: Un Jour Comme Un Autre

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Get Your Bearings With Bubbles

Posted by on Nov 28, 2016 in Bubbles Blog, Built By Bubbles, Reviews, Tech Talk


Hey everyone!  Today we’re going to slow down…. actually the opposite – we’ve got new bearings, they go FAST.  For a long time now, bearings have been the mysterious little metal things inside you wheels.  Many people underestimate their importance, and we STILL get people who don’t realize that they’re absolutely necessary (literally, a skateboard won’t roll without them).  So I figured we’d take a little time to look at our new bearing offerings and try and de-mystify them a bit!

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Broadway Bomb – Through the lens of Lanna Apisukh

Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Bubbles Blog, bustin photography, News, NYC Street Report

Photo story captured by Lanna Apisukh



A few weeks ago, New York City hosted the annual Broadway Bomb – one of, if not THE, largest gatherings of board pushers in the world.  This outlawed, unsanctioned race is the result of a handful of stoked skaters growing a 15 person cruise, into the HUNDREDS of riders who assemble every year to dodge traffic, pedestrians, and sometimes the LAW!  Lanna Apisukh was on hand this year and posted up at the 30th street mark to take some fun snaps of the action – so without further adieu, check out these pics and hit up Lanna’s page for more of her work!


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