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Bustin x Tribe BoardWear team up for 2015


If you made it to any skate events in Michigan this summer, you probably noticed quite a few of the homies rocking Tribe BoardWear.  You noticed because the threads are sick and “The Tribe” is a pretty massive crowd!  Its rad when a Tribe of like-minded cats gang up and spread the positive.  it’s even better when they sell dope apparel out of a pop-up camper-thing that is pretty sweet.

The Tribe has created a massive following around Michigan, and I’m sure that will spread as Tribe Owner Jake Tolan & Cameron Steger join the Bustin Michigan Forces in 2015!   Stay tuned for more to come…

The Tribe Ethos:  “We are striving to provide original, high quality, and affordable clothing for those with an active lifestyle and a love of all board sports.  It doesn’t matter if you’re on the snow, asphalt, or out on the water there is no other feeling like a board under your feet, and that is what we are all about. We stand for the simple and the most important things in life: family, friends, progression and fun! Welcome to the Tribe”

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Roll into the Holidays on the Evolve Electric Skateboards Bustin Series


Evolve Electric Skateboards x Bustin Boards teamed up!  The top Electric Skateboards manufacturer on the market now offers the Bustin Mission40 with Battery, Motor & Handheld Bluetooth controller – ELECTRO-MISSION!!!  The Mission is a popular commuter shape that has mellow flex to dampen road vibrations from the 20mph motor!  This thing will cruise at 20mph for more than 6 miles!  We have a test model at our Bustin Brooklyn Store in Williamsburg, BK & Longboard Loft in Manhattan.  If you are in the big city, stop in and check out the beast!

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Occupy Pando III – December 27, 2014 – Rockford, Michigan

Occupy Pando III

Occupy Pando III is going down Friday, December 27 2014!  For the third year, Grand Rapids #BackYardUnderground shredder Zepplin Zeerip will be hosting Occupy Pando in partnership with Pando Winter Sports Park.

“Last year, as we gained notoriety and increased event recognition, we saw nearly fifty competitors and over two hundred spectators visit Pando for the event. This upcoming seasons event will be very similar to the last, in that we will add wallrides and street features to the pipe while placing emphasis on it’s natural turns by building up larger hips and quarterpipes throughout it. ” – Zeppelin

Pando Winter Sports Park is the Birthplace of Competitive Snowboarding.  Jake Burton won a competition here in the 1970′s.  Bustin is more than amped to support cross-season throw-downs like Occupy Pando because the backyard snowboard scene is the roots of many side-stance sports. It’s what got us into into skating hills, because it was cross-training when the snow melts.  DH Skateboarding is basically snowboarding in the summer, so we’re hooking it up with some mad shredworthy decks for the podium and few lucky rippers.

The homies at hooked it up with event coverage from 2013.  Zep says this year the features will be changed up and there will be a DIY section for that extra naughty.  I’m stoked to be there with the Bustin tent and crew!  Don’t miss out on Friday, December 27!

Occupy Pando II Coverage on


Bustin Boards x Action Board Shop: Artist Series Shop Decks for the Holiday

absBustin and Action Board Shop teamed up for the holiday!   5x custom, 1-of-a-kind, artist signed, numbered and dated Bustin Decks available exclusively for the holiday!  Visit ABS, it’s the only way to acquire one (or all) of these bad boys (collectors items).  These customs with the mosaic treatment will not last long, and this might not happen again until next year!  Bustin has a huge respect for shops who are active in their community, Action Board Shop – WE SALUTE YOU!  Core Skate Shops are the backbone of your local skate scene, show them BIG love!   #RESPECT


Skateboard Supercross Debuts this weekend in Seattle, Washington #SBSX


Skateboard Supercross: The latest innovation on skateboard racing, it provides a mix of technical ability, athleticism and speed. This will surely stoke you out.  Debuting in Seattle, Washington this weekend – #SBSX paves the way for paved pump-track skateparks and competition.  The tracks are designed for skaters, by skaters and require speed and agility.  The tracks are a closed-loop format so the motion is continuous and rewarding.  Skateboard Supercross is catching on across the globe, one day there may be a Skateboard Supercross park in your backyard.  Think Big!  Get involved.