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Valley of the Sun – AZ potential

written by TeamBustin March 3, 2009

I was stationed at Davis Monthan Air Force base in Tucson AZ for almost 4.5 years and I had almost forgotten how great this area was. As I flew over the Catalina mountains and near downtown, it reminded me of the 100s of flights I had been on in my EC-130 here. Floods of memories and a perma smile have once again shown me the potential of this amazing place to become a longboarding mecca in the US.

The weather is amazing, 65-80 degrees right now when NYC is getting dumped on with 13″ of pow. Sunny without a cloud in the sky, skirts are already out and shorts with flops are the main staple. If there was ever a place in the US besides Miami or SOCAL, this and Phx, home of the NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals, is the place.

I have done some skating and found that that the pavement lacks in some places, but the University of AZ has parking decks galore and a bunch of fresh pavement around the campus. I also bounced up to Phx last night to meet up with Bustin’s first new rep, Chris from ASU. We had a great meeting and I got to show them the new Strike and the Complex, since he already owns a Spliff. Lots of great ideas were flowing and the vibe let me know that he was as good in person as his proposal had been on paper. I have to say that I am stoked that Bustin is down to facilitate the board scene here in the valley of the sun.

Go Cards!!


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Ryan March 5, 2009 at 3:34 pm

Great article. Glad you got to visit the old home and get some skating in…

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