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Back to the Roots – Bustin Boards Style

written by Bubbles July 29, 2013

Summer time, and the living is easy! Now I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy grabbing my Ibach and smashing a few hills after work or on the weekends. But when the weather heats up, the sun starts getting abusive, and the salt water beckons gently, there is nothing better than hopping on deck for a nice mellow ride down to the beach or along the board walk. And for a mellow ride, we go back to our roots.

Bustin started with the goal of promoting skateboarding as an entertaining, accessible, way to get around and learn something while you were at it. As the years went by we grew with Bustin and let Bustin grow with us, so over time, we’ve given a lot of attention to new and upcoming ride styles, from LDP, to Freeriding, to getting in on the Downhill circuit. However, there’s something wonderfully nostalgic revisiting your own history.

Earlier this year we dropped a few new products, in addition to re-examining some of our favorite boards from over the years, that all give a shout out to our origins and the pushing we’ve been doing since 2001. I thought now, mid-summer, with Labor Day coming up and back-to-school on the mind, would be a good time to give some special love to the new generation of the Bustin Push Board.

From the brand new camber shape that led to our re-released Cigar 31” and Cigar 38”, to the addition of a symmetrical Maestro PRO and Mission boards, we’ve over-hauled the whole notion of push with these decks.

The Cigars and Missions will dance till they drop and carve better than your dad at Thanksgiving, while the Maestro Mini’s new added pop and lock have turned a cruisey little deck into an Ollie-able city thrasher. For the push boarder who is just getting ready to make the leap into freestyle or freeride, we dropped the Maestro’s professional older brother, and the OG Maestro got a construction up-date so you can glide till the end of time on the Magic Carpet 2.0.

Scope the full Maestro Family here, and the full Camberd family here!

It summer-time! Chill out, grab a deck and I’ll see ya’ll at the beach!  Also: here’s a pic of the boards!!!

Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 1.10.20 PM



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