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Bamboo-X Shrike Construction Update – Stiffer, Stronger and Still Sexy

written by Bubbles November 16, 2016

We’re stoked to announce a construction update to the Bamboo-X Shrike deck!  When we released the new version of the board earlier this year we thought it was perfect, combining just a touch of flex with a downhill/freeride shape and concave.  Then, our riders and customers SPOKE, telling us that they wanted the stiff, confident feel of the original Shrike.  Well we heard your calls and made the change, just in time for Holiday.  The latest batch of Shrikes have been adjusted with thicker outermost plies to offer a stiffer, stronger board with the same aesthetic as the original.

Learn more about the Shrike here – http://www.bustinboards.com/shrike-longboard-details

Customize a Shrike here – http://www.bustinboards.com/custom_shrike.html

Stiffer, Stronger, Still Sexy

Stiffer, Stronger, Still Sexy

History of the Shrike:  In 2015 we released the first Shrike as “the board to end all boards,” our premier quiver-killing, hill-crushing, Downhill / Freeride / Freestyle / Wild Child.  Immediately the reception was phenomenal and the Shrike quickly rose to the top of the Bustin Boards line-up as one of our better performers, and with good reason.  Almost before we dropped Toti’s video premier for the Shrike, we started getting videos pouring in from YOU, our riders, showing the Shrike love in ANY situation you could possibly imagine.  We got Bombing videos, Freestyle trick videos, Dancing videos… you name it, you did it all!

For 2016 we re-did the shape of the Shrike, rounding out corners that had previously been prone to impacts, and applied our new Bamboo-X layup to the board.  This added a SLIGHT response flex to the deck, along with dampening some road vibrations.  With more rounded edges, the new, Bamboo Shrike was still the shredder we imagined it as, but more geared towards Freestyle than true hill-mashing, like the previous edition.

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-11-21-00-am screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-11-21-16-am

But now we’re taking the best of both worlds, adding them together, and smashing everything into a new, innovative package that caters to the speed junkie, while still being approachable for lighter freestyle and dancing!

Shrike Longboard Top View

To address the concave debate (MORE for speed vs LESS for freestyle) we’ve now found what we think is the perfect combination between the sharp rails from 2015 and the more heavily sanded edges featured this past year.  We’ve addressed the amount of tool work that goes into finishing the board and have landed on a process that leaves PLENTY of concave for that true lock-in feel, while also reducing stress on your feet caused by having a true SHARP rail.


As originally mentioned, we (and our riders and customers!) LOVED the stiff, confident feeling that the original Shrike had when you put the pedal down to the metal, BUT when we readdressed the construction this year, we found that the flex characteristics of Bamboo REALLY improved the comfortability of the board.  SO – for Holiday 2016 and 2017, we’ve taken the Bamboo-X construction that provided all those nice, comfy bamboo-y qualities, and stiffened it back up JUST a touch, to give it that confidence on hills back!


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