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Bethesda Boards – Featured Shop of the Week !

written by TeamBustin April 16, 2015

kaare and big sign

Bethesda Boards out in Maryland, Is one of my favorite shops in the world. The guys who run the shop, Kaare and Tyson, really care about the local skate community and I’m super happy to call these dudes my friends.

I started working with them about a year ago, and since then, I’ve seen them hook kids up with a rad place to hang out, and they carry all the best Bustin gear all year round! These dudes keep it real and they’re in it for the fun of it. All it takes is one visit and you’ll be back time and time again for good music, great conversations, and bad ass gear!

Eric Shrike

Bethesda Boards host a bunch local events, and they really take care of all the young skaters in their area. But this past year Bethesda had a run-in with the local government. The city council made them take their giant skateboard sign off their building, charged them with butt load of fees, and basically took them to court… over a sign. ( An awesome sign )

small sign

Kaare and Tyson vowed to leave the sign up unless the city agreed to build a skate park for the kids in Bethesda! Their giant sign was symbolic of the growing skateboard community in Bethesda, but due to the severe legal pressure the city was putting on the boys, they had to take it down.  The boys at Bethesda put up a tiny version of their giant sign, and to me it really hit home. Do the big wigs really have nothing better to do than harass a local small business about their sign?

Kaare town board

The case wound up going all the way to the supreme court, and in the end…. The boys at Bethesda Boards won! Their big beautiful sign is up, and the local skate community loves it! Skaters – 1 : The Man – 0

big sign up

Right on guys! This past year was amazing, and It’s just the first of many successful seasons for Bethesda Boards! If your ever in the area, stop by for a great time, and check out the best selection of Bustin Boards in the area!

Bethesda Scooters and Boards

4825 Fairmont Ave
Bethesda, Maryland

Check them out on Facebook


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