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Black Randal 180 – Out of Stock Temporarily

written by Ryan May 25, 2010

Hey everyone, just want to inform customers that the Black Randal RII 180mm trucks are out-of-stock in our store and on our site.  If you have a pending order with the trucks, we should be able to fulfill it with our current inventory and/or we will contact you immediately to discuss a replacement option.  As many of you know, longboarding is blowing up this spring and all of our vendors are hit or miss with stock.  Randal is to be shipping us more within a few weeks so don’t worry.  For now, however, we are taking them off the site so that we don’t have too many backorders build up.  We still have tons of 180 Silver!  Cheers and sorry to anyone who wanted them asap.  We are trying to make people more aware of these kinds of things so that you don’t make a trip to the store or are disappointed if you cannot order online.


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