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Board Banter: A Guide to Skateboard Slang

written by Josh Dunn December 13, 2016

We as skateboarders have a unique and rich culture that helps to completely define who we are not just in our spare time where we actually get to ride but also in all aspects of life day to day. Our personal style choices often cater to impromptu sessions or bare the evidence of previous sessions that went down under similar circumstances but skatings life altering influence reaches much deeper than just the surface of what clothes you wear. The skate influence is so powerful that it more often than not seeps deep into its hosts brain infiltrating the deepest thoughts and day dreams of the individual ultimately resulting in an audible verbal manifestation of these pondering’s. The resulting slang terminologies compose a diction found no where outside of our community and frankly wouldn’t make sense anywhere else. In an attempt to help curate this aspect of our culture, we are going to start a running digital catalog of these “Board Banters”  to give a name to so many of the situations we all encounter as we push through our daily lives.


Leon ain’t scared of no Pedheshtrian, he just deals with the deliema head on

Pedheshtrian [puh-esh-tree-uh-n]:

-One who travels by foot and appears to intentionally and unapologetically interfere with skateboarders lines.

Example: Dude, those pedheshtrians were heavy at the session earlier! Every time I went up to hit the ledge I was totalled PED-heshed off my line and wasn’t even able to warm up.

Shred Slippers:

-An affectionate name awarded to ones favorite set of urethane wheels.

Example: Last week the Asheville Pastry Boys took me out to some burly inclines and I burned through every set of Shred Slippers I brought for the entire trip in three days!



The true test as to whether a set of wheels qualify as Shred Slippers is to play with them switch and analyze the results just as Cameron is doing here.


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