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Bolts Challenge #2: Grip Tape Customization

written by Josh Dunn October 10, 2017

Welcome to the latest installment from the Bustin Boards Bolts Community Challenge Series, a program designed to work in conjunction with our Rider Rep Program as motivation for y’all to get out and Push More!  There was tons of positive response from the community as a whole to last week’s challenge of Showing us Your Favorite Spot and we couldn’t have been more stoked on the overall quality of entries! To keep the momentum rolling, we are amping to release The Second Community Challenge for y’all to work on your entires over the next week. This week we want y’all to show us your Custom Grip Tap job using what ever technique you have access to!!

“Yaak” with his own personal flare on the Bamboo-X Shrike Photo: Khaleeq


To submit your entries, simply visit www.BustinBoards.com/BoltsChallengeTwo and upload a photo showcasing your customization project. Your entry could show the process you used to make the design, simply be the grip tape its self, or our personal favorite format you actually skating your new creation! We highly encourage you to think outside the box and to be sure to have fun with this because you are still going to need those 25 votes from your community members to qualify for some of the prize give aways!

The grip job we hooked up for ASAP Rocky earlier this month when he visited HQ

Things to keep in mind:

No Nudity or Vulgar Language can be used on entries

Any design technique can be used whether its done with stickers, drawing, laser etching, or even just done as a design into the grip its self, its all fair game!

-You must receive 25 votes to earn an entry for either Wheels for Life or Boards for Life as well as the other give aways to be announced at the end of of the month


Head over to www.BustinBoards.com/BoltsChallengeTwo to submit your own personal entries!





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