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Bolts Challenge #3: Roots Riding

written by Josh Dunn October 18, 2017

Although not a long one, the history of skateboarding is full of characters who have continuously pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible atop a wooden plank attached to four wheels. Though the tricks have gotten more complicated, they all have evolved from one of the original building blocks maneuvers coined by our forefathers (and/or foremothers) and this week for the Bolts Community Challenge we want to pay homage to these pioneers. This week are are looking for video submissions of your favorite Old School Maneuver from days past brought back to life by you!

Ian keeping it rootsy deep in The City with and extension Hippy Hop. Photo: Khaleeq

The Bustin Crew is looking to see your best hippy hops, Bertleman Slides, bonelesses, or any other retro themed move that tickles your fancy! Summon your inner Z Boy as you get out to push out soulful slides and and pump down the line of you own personal concrete point break!

Joshtafari doing the Tallahassee Two Step during a recent van trip across the country. Photo: Khaleeq

Things to Consider when entering:

No Nudity can be included in submissions

Be safe and skate within your limits when stacking your clips

-Creativity is key to help you get the 25 votes needed to be entered to win Boards or Wheels For Life


Head on over to www.BustinBoards.com/BoltsChallenge to enter your submissions for all three of the posted challenges. Each challenge you complete will get you another entry into the prize pool so make sure to go back and check out Challenge One & Two if you have not already entered!


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