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Bolts Community Challenge Series: WINNER Selection

written by Josh Dunn November 2, 2017

For the past month we have been running a Community Effort in which their was a heavy homie hook up on the line but our main focus was to provide a daily excuse for y’all to get out and Push More!  Each week in October a new Challenge was launched in which we asked for either a photo or video submission from you, the true skate rats of the world!

Nathaniel Baron’s “Reaper Sweeper” Submission to our Halloween Costume Challenge

The entries that we received week to week were exactly what we were hoping for: images and clips of our new homies getting out and enjoying themselves at skate parks, mobbing hills, and even cruising their local neck of the woods. We believe in a well balanced Shred Diet involving an All Around skating style so it was radical to see so many submissions from across the skating spectrum!

Screen Shot from Kevin Mullin’s submission for his Favorite Spot

Without further adeau, we are stoked to announce the various winners of the prize packages that will begin to trickle out of HQ. Thanks to everyone who entered because gear or no gear, we all won as long as we were having the most fun while skating!

5Panel Hat:

-Eric Verkade

-Nathaniel Barons


-Alin Bontos

-Sean Decker

Set of Wheels:

-Omar Ahumada

-James Brown

Set of Trucks:

-Kevin Mullin

-Steve Shaw

Boards For Life:

-Alec Chepueus

Wheels for Life:

-George Estreich


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