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**Breaking News** Stok’em Outlaw Race, New Location

written by Mike March 1, 2009

The following information is new hot info from the Stok’em race coordinators. Longboarding never has caused problems but now we are attracting heat. God bless our sport and the dedicated riders that spread the stoke regardless of less conscious minds.

Adam Dabonka quotes:

“The race scheduled for tomorrow is going down at a new location. It seems that the information was leaked via Silverfish and then submitted via email to the Ridgefield Police Dept by someone who is looking to foil the sport of longboarding. I was there today at the location as well a few others. We were approached by a very open-minded police officer (seriously). He said that he used to skate too, but unfortunately the event can’t be held at that location without the proper permits/insurance/medical etc. Also, ***There will be cop cars waiting at the entrance of the park to deter any skaters who show up tomorrow***, So please don’t go to the old location. Please relay this info to anyone you know who is planning on going who hasn’t yet read this email. My apologies to the longboard community, I’m just trying to have some fun here and break up the monotonous routine of everyday life and some people want to F it up for us.

So now for the damage control::::::

New location; Palisades Interstate Park. This is the park that is right under the George Washington Bridge (on the NJ side). Find it on mapquest, and enter via River Road / Henry Hudson Drive in Fort Lee.

Drive on Henry Hudson Drive and go under the bridge. Come to the circle in the road and stay to the right and this will be the hill we’re racing on. There is a parking lot at the bottom of the hill, so please park there.

For the NYC people wanting to come, its is very easy to get there and you can actually skate there. Just take the train uptown, skate across the GWB on the walkway and the park in Jersey is a few blocks down the road to the left on River Road (halfway down the hill).

Again, my appologies to everyone for this confusion, and this hill is not as good as the one we were going to skate on, but its the best location we could come up with. It is basically either this, or nothing at all.”

Hope to see ya’ll there!

Race time: 12 noon

-Mike Dallas


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