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Broadway Bomb 2009 – Saturday Oct. 10

written by Mike October 5, 2009

The biggest push race in NYC history kicks off Saturday, October 10 @ NOON. The race will begin at the usual spot and we’re expecting a record number of participants. A big thank you to the New York Longbard Association for organizing the race and the Freshpaved crew for organizing an entire weekend of longboard stoke. See below for the schedule of weekend events.

Dear NYC:
We’re hosting another Style Sessions competition this Sunday morning, October 11th from 7:00 – 11:00 AM, during the weekend of the Broadway Bomb. Style Sessions is an outlaw, free-style, downhill skate session at Snake Hill and The Cloisters (directions and maplink below). As an open session, riders are free to take as many runs possible during the allotted time frame. Style is the name of the game…slides, carving, bombing, whatever gets your motor running. Basically, you can just come out and shake what your mama gave you.

For some sample moves from the last Style Sessions, please check out the photos at www.freshpaved.com and videos here: http://vimeo.com/5202210.

*All participating riders receive an Uncle Funkys T-shirt, and are required to sign a liability waiver and pay a $10 entry fee.

Riders are asked to register in advance by sending an email to Jeff at jeff@unclefunkysboards.com. Please let us know your preferred t-shirt size when you send the registration email (M, L, or XL). Also, please let us know if you would like a seat on the FREE shuttle bus leaving from Union Square (more info below under “FREE SHUTTLE BUS”)


ALL RIDERS MUST CHECK-IN BY 6:30 AM AT FORT GEORGE HILL, also known as SNAKE HILL (maplink below). Contest begins promptly at 7:00 AM to avoid heavier traffic later in the morning.

We’ll ride Snake Hill from 7:00 AM until about 9:15/9:30 AM depending on the traffic. After the traffic gets too heavy at Snake Hill, we’ll relocate to the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park, and conduct a vote for best riders. Each participating rider gets one vote for Best Style. The top 3 riders skate another session at the Cloisters, followed by a second vote to determine the final rankings.

$500 1st prize for Best Style
$250 2nd prize
$100 3rd prize

We’re organizing a FREE shuttle bus to take a group of NO MORE than 30 people, including photographers/videographers up to Snake Hill at 6:00am from Union Square (first come first serve basis). If you’d like a ride on the shuttle bus, please let us know by sending a note to Jeff atjeff@unclefunkysboards.com, or include this in your registration email.

If it looks like rain is expected on Sunday, we’ll try to reschedule for the morning of Saturday the 10th. Notice will be sent out to the Freshpaved emailing lists by Wednesday evening, the 7th, if we’re planning to switch to Saturday morning.

****In case the Broadway Bomb happens the same afternoon (due to rain), we’ll have the FREE shuttle bus available to transport people (riders only) down to the Broadway Bomb meeting place at 116th and Riverside Drive in time for the noon start.

*SHOUT OUT* to any out-of-or-in-towners with cars…please let us know if you’ve got extra room to help transport riders in case the shuttle bus fills up.

DIRECTIONS: Take the #1 subway train to the base of Fort George Hill (aka Snake Hill) (maplink below). Please allow at least one hour subway travel time from lower Manhattan because sometimes the trains don’t run as frequently during the weekends.



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travisdsupervilan October 6, 2009 at 9:09 am

cant wait! i just hope i get in bed early enough after the bbq/bomb party to make it to the style sessions, its early but that would be a highlight of the weekend, glad to see were branching out into some competition thats not just a speed race here in NYC

Phaldox The Demiurgic October 9, 2009 at 10:51 am

i’ve been waiting for this event…. i love the experience, and i think i’m ready for this year. Go Bustin’.

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