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Broadway Bomb Course Breakdown

written by Ryan October 8, 2008

This is a difficult race and we wanted to try to give everyone a detailed breakdown of each phase.  Thanks to Mike Dallas for repeatably running the course and throwing together this breakdown:

116th St. thru 72nd St. — Easy, nice open road, slight hill, fast traffic.

72nd St. thru 59th St. — Gets crazy and crosses avenues, faster traffic.  59th has a rotary/Columbus Circle so make sure to take Broadway, NOT 8th ave.

59th St. thru 42nd St. —  Times Square congestion with new open bike lanes, traffic slows, tourists.

42nd St. thru 34th St. — More mayhem, pedestrians, bike lanes…slower traffic, tourists lots of attention, so be heard!

34th St thru 14th St. —  Smooth and fast… watch out for tourists.

14th St Union Square — Make sure to follow signs left or go through Union Square, not suggested, watch out for rough bricks on right side of union square, farmers market, beware of people.

14th St. thru Houston St. — Houston is smooth and fast, shopping heaven, go nuts.

Houston St. -–  Be careful here…crazy intersection!  Boards and manholes and broken pavement, people and cars everywhere.

Delancey St. -–  Crazy cross traffic, pray for a green light.

Canal St. –- Crazy cross traffic, street vendors and tourists, don’t die!

South of Canal is glory run, everyone is drained and kicking the final mile or two.  Keep pace and finish it out!


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