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Broadway Bomb… get to skatin!

written by TeamBustin August 17, 2009

The two month mark before the Annual Broadway Bomb has come and gone this week.  Its been incredibly hot out there on the streets and makes avoiding the heat more attractive than ever.  BUT ITS TIME TO BE SKATING….its a long tuff race and preparation is the only way to stand up to the increasingly tougher competition.  I myself had to kick it into gear this week, finally  being back in town from such a busy summer (just married)… We started it off last weekend with the Phily race which was an excellent representation of how you’ll hold up in a 8 mile push race.

On tuesday Terron Wood, Adam Crigler and myself met up at Columbia U to do our first run of the Bomb since they  established the new traffic patterns at 42nd and 34th st.  It is going to be imperative that you have made the skate at least once before the race.  the new traffic patterns are… well, new and the race is gonna take a little more mental prep than past years.

So lets skate it…how about monday night???? Adam Crigler (a friend of Bustin, a stoked skater and a excellent singer/songwriter) is playing a concert monday night, the 17th, at 8 pm at the very cool Ella lounge (#9 avenue A.) after the show we will head north and make a chill late skate of the bomb to help get aquatinted with the route.  have a great weekend and I hope to see you monday!!!!!!


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Ryan August 17, 2009 at 9:53 pm

Sorry I missed tonight’s skate man. Thanks for getting people amped about starting to train. Have fun and where you helmets!

Alessandro Pruscino August 18, 2009 at 8:44 am

Nice! If anyone wants a training race a few weeks before the bomb to see where you stand with the competition, look no further than the philly scene and the newly established Liberty Longboarders. The “Broad Street Brawl” is scheduled sept 27 at 2 pm. More info coming soon on the site.

on a diff note, let me know, the next time you guys go and skate the course, never skated NYC and i want to do the bomb…..

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