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Broadway Bomb – Through the lens of Lanna Apisukh

written by Bubbles November 16, 2016

Photo story captured by Lanna Apisukh



A few weeks ago, New York City hosted the annual Broadway Bomb – one of, if not THE, largest gatherings of board pushers in the world.  This outlawed, unsanctioned race is the result of a handful of stoked skaters growing a 15 person cruise, into the HUNDREDS of riders who assemble every year to dodge traffic, pedestrians, and sometimes the LAW!  Lanna Apisukh was on hand this year and posted up at the 30th street mark to take some fun snaps of the action – so without further adieu, check out these pics and hit up Lanna’s page for more of her work!


“Over a hundred skaters gathered at noon on Saturday, October 15th at Upper Manhattan’s 116th Street for the annual Broadway Bomb racing event. The unsanctioned 8-mile street race invited boarding enthusiasts to “bomb down Broadway” dodging city traffic, surprised tourists and police barricades. The race ended successfully at Wall Street’s Charging Bull with no injuries or arrests reported. Everyone was stoked.”

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