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Bustin Custom Longboards: Brooklyn Blitz 2008 Recap

written by Mike August 25, 2008

“Brooklyn Blitz 2008” – Recap

By: Mike Dallas

New York City has had a great year in sports. For the first time, bikes and boards have joined skateboarders in the name of speed and friendship. The “Brooklyn Blitz 2008”, hosted by Bustin Boards, Co and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer was a trial of speed and dedication – Push Culture vs. Bike Messengers. Riders joined at North 12th and Bedford Ave, assembling in McCarren Park, Williamsburg Brooklyn to partake the breakthrough event. Egos aside, riders humbly acknowledged each street discipline and strategically planned one’s route. Unique to the board racing world, the Blitz involves 7 checkpoints mandatory for completion, or disqualification. Posting advantage, the bikers/messengers carefully examined the provided race card maps and written manifest. Skaters keenly observed this, and followed suit.

The rules are simple. Riders must arrive to base (start) at 6pm, ready for race time, 7pm. Bikers and Boarders were asked to register and copy posted checkpoints to their personal laminated map card. All checkpoints were intersections within a simple numbered street grid in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY. As race hour approached, strategies unveiled and racers prepared accordingly. The race began at 7pm and Williamsburg was flooded with win-thirsty stoked riders. Each checkpoint was assigned a color coded sticker, as well as a challenge to complete. No sticker was given to those whom could not achieve a challenge, adding drama to the race. Checkpoint challenges are don’t ask, don’t tell, so use your imagination.

Completing each checkpoint twice, the racers finished their manifest and finished at the East River Bar on South 6th and Bedford, below the Williamsburg Bridge. Winner was announced once all leading check cards were examined by race officials for completion. Some racers were disqualified for missing a checkpoint and some did not meet each point twice, making the judges decision delayed.

Final results: same course

Top Biker: 53 minutes

Top Boarder: 1 hour

Thank you for being a part of the race. If you missed out, stay tuned for greater opportunity in the near future. Winners will be formally announced once all the Free PBR evaporates. For now, understand this…

“We are all here for the same. What we love most. What we do best.”



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