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Brooklyn State of Mind – A Glimpse Inside

written by TeamBustin April 23, 2014

Brooklyn is my habitat.  I judge how successful my week was on by how few times I have to make a trip across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan.  So far it has been a perfect week. There is always so much going on here, and with a board under your feet you can easily be everywhere!  Today I will do a “day in the life of” and give you a glimpse of the daily Brooklyn life.

photo 1-1 photo 1-2 photo 1-3 photo 2

Did you know the neighborhood we are located in here in BK is called Williamsburg?  And that it only takes 5 minutes to cross the Bridge and be in the city?  Or that Marcy is one of our cross streets? What up Jay-Z?!  Okay…maybe we are a 10 minute skate from Marcy Projects where Jay grew up but there is enough to see without, being so close to Bed-Stuy.  Come visit and the crew will be happy to show you around. Until then…enjoy these photos!

photo 2-2 photo 2-3 photo 3 photo 4 photo 4-1 photo 4-2 photo 4-3


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