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Brotherhood of Longboarding: Alex Lewis, The Fighter

written by Mike November 5, 2015

Alex Megaramp

Alex Lewis Go Fund Me Page

January 2014, Alex Lewis was diagnosed with Acute myeloid leukemia (AML).  He went through rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant but soon after his cancer came back.  Doctors found a tumor on his neck in March 2015, not long after the bone marrow transplant.

Alex Chewbaca

With a relapse so soon after transplant, doctors at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver told his family the options were bleak, telling the family they might want to seek hospice care.  Instead, Lewis chose to fight the cancer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee with an experimental treatment, involving a drug combo that has never been used on a person before.  Alex’s mother almost had to return home to Colorado Springs to work because money was getting tight.  Friends and family of the Lewis’ rallied and started a GoFundMepage for Alex that has raised a few thousand dollars to assist with Alex’s treatments at St Jude.  If you are reading this, do Alex a solid and DONATE!!!Alex Messages

Yesterday, I received a call from Michael Alder with ESPN who works with Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Michael told me about Alex that he had been able to visit the X-Games to visit with his favorite athletes.  He then explained how much his longboarding was a part of Alex’s life and that his wish was to someday ride a Bustin Boards Modela33 longboard.  My heart skipped a beat for a second and I knew that Alex needed a Bustin, to be a member of the Bustin Fam.

Alex Smile

Michael offered me Alex’s mother’s phone # and we began a series of text messages.  She shared photos and stories of Alex and really helped me get an idea of the fun guy Alex is.  We value our fellow boarders as brethren and it was really cool to see the smile on his face in his skate pics – we share his ambition at Bustin!  Check out these photos of Alex rocking out!

Alex Podium

Alex killing the game with the ladies on the X-Games Podium & Alex challenges Mat Hoffman to a game of Do-A-Trick.

Alex Mat Hoffman

Alex is not alone.  His mother is by his side, he has an incredible network of caregivers and he is supported by Bustin and so many others in the action sports industry.  Alex isn’t doing so well today, but he has a heart of gold and he refuses to give up.  I’ve been messaging with his mother the past 24 hours, she is full of positivity and we know Alex is going to be alright.  I send Alex photos of the Broadway Bomb start and finish and let him know that HE HAS TO GET BETTER SOON so he can push the Broadway Bomb with the Bustin crew!  I know his mom is super rad because she loved the photos of Broadway Bomb and showed not an ounce of fear for her son’s safety.  After all, the Bomb has a 100% success rate for skathletes finishing the race and cheating the Grim.  Thank you for being a rad mom, Heather!

Alex Hospital

Alex is sound asleep right now but if you are reading this we have 1 request.  No matter what your faith may be, please have faith in our fellow skater.  Alex has a long life ahead of him and deserves it.  Please take a moment to thank the heavers for your own life and send a prayer out for our friend Alex.  He could use all the love he can get right now.

Go Fund Me Page for Alex Lewis – Please Donate!



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