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Bruno the Pro

written by Bubbles April 17, 2015

Bruno the Kid has been killing the game for years now – he first joined our ranks skating the Maestro Mini and his freeriding style led him to first the Robot, and then the Boombox.  By then it was clear that Bruno’s style and skill warranted a pro-model deck catered just to him.  The first iteration of the Bruno Pro was a large double kicked board – the Yoface 39.  Since then as his skating technique has continued to develop into a faster, snappier style his prototypes have gotten smaller and more reminiscent of classic pool shapes.

All of this development of both wood and skating has led to who Bruno has become today, as well as what his Pro-model deck is and means to us.  The Bruno Pro is a directional tight wheelbase freestyle / freeride machine, built for those who plan on ripping up hills, sidewalks, and parks with equal frequency.

The Bruno Pro deck features a nose and kick tail, with a little more real-estate in the front for nollie maneuvers.  Both kicks sport a gentle concave that increases as you get closer to the trucks, reenforcing that problem are in traditional skateboards.  In addition, the concave throughout the deck is a progressive radial concave – which, combined with a hand sanded rail, creates the perfect balance of grip as well as mobility, without getting in the way when flipping or spinning the board.  Last but not least, subtle wheel flares work to eliminate wheelbite, strengthen the board, and help provide additional guidance for your feet.

Take a peak at the Bruno Pro under the man himself over the past couple years and appreciate how much his style epitomizes the ever evolving “For All Who Push” mentality that we try and convey.






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