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written by Bubbles June 12, 2014


Years and years and decades ago (ok maybe a LITTLE exaggeration) the world was introduced to Bruno the Kid, a Spanish kid with a huge heart and some extra talent on a skateboard.  His fancy foot-work and steezy style is what caught our attention, as well as a CONSTANT drive for self-improvement and development.  We just HAD to see what he could do with a city like NYC.

Predictably he slayed it.  But New York just has so much to offer!  5 separate boroughs to explore, 8.5 million people to meet, over a thousand pizza places to try, and 50,000 cops to run from.  You just can’t do it all in 1 go!  So needless to say, we invited the Spanish boy-wonder back a few times to try new, and different offerings from the Greatest City on Earth.

We introduced him to William Royce sometime around 2012 ish and the two really hit it off.  It was amazing to see the different styles playing off each other and how both Will and Bruno built of each other’s energy, until a veritable cornucopia of skate awesomeness was pouring into the camera lens – shout out to Perropro for holding it down on the edits!

Back to Spain to hang out with homeboy and fellow Bustin Team Rider; Toti Bicicleta.  It really is a dream to watch these two skate together.  When friends have been friends for a while they start to rub off on each other.  The report and back-and-forth between these two is incredible to see, and it really pans out in their skating.

This year, Bruno is in school in the States up in New Hampshire (they grow up so fast!).  But before a trip out to Cali land, he rolled through the Bustin HQ just long enough to pick up a couple prototypes for a new Bruno Pro model (SHHHHHHH!!!!) and then headed out west to hit up the O’tang crew to do some filming.  The resulting incredible (albiet insane) video by Perropro (of course!) has ushered in a new style of skate video, check it out for yourself!

Last BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST: the whole reason we decided to do this Bruno video recap: the latest from Bruno the Kid (or should I say Bruno the Young-Adult), filmed and edited by NH-based Tom Leary.  3 hours worth of filming in New Hampshire, new pro-model, and endless endless steez… check the footy:


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