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Bruno’s Back

written by Josh Dunn May 10, 2017

After a not so brief sabbatical deep in the jungles of the Dominican Republic, our resident wizard Bruno Sirera Sorondo has emerged stronger and more stoked than ever before. After receiving the  soulful rest he needed, Bruno is now ready to share his inner creativity through physical expressions atop his Bustin sleds in the theatrical shred style that is uniquely his own. Once we heard Bruno was back home in Spain, we had Matt K. on the next available flight to Madrid packing all the heat needed to document Bruno skidding around his home turf. The following mash up of motion pictures is the final product showcasing everyones favorite skater repurposing and reusing anything in an attempt to Skate Everything.

Bruno is riding the 8.875 Craft Series Skateboard which will soon be available in a limited edition graphic designed by Bruno him self. Keep up with us on Instabook or Facespace to be in the loop for when these boards become available online or at your local skate shop.


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