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Bubbles, checking in

written by Bubbles June 4, 2013

Amidst all the chaos of proto-typing, and R&D, and dislocating a shoulder, somehow, my Yo39 came back together from the components that had been seperated.  Indy 215‘s, Rip-tide bushings, and Micro Motions found their way back to the 39” DK and back under my feet.  And wow, why did I ever stop riding this?  I know we needed to try new shapes, but this Yoface will not be coming apart any time soon.  The perfect size for me to rip around the warehouse while staying stable, and being able to make the tight corners around doorways.  The “wow” moment occurred in the first ollie.  We’ve been working on kick tails (single and double) and one of our main questions is, “how’s to pop?”  So it’s become natural to snap an ollie (or try) as soon as I step on a deck.  Right away I remembered why I picked the 39 of the Yoface line.  The larger size and superb pop sucked right up under my feet.  At 6’1″ and 180 lbs, I’m a big dude, and the Yoface 39 keeps up without weighing me down.  By the time I made it to the other side of the warehouse, I had fallen back in love.  Perfect locked in position for toe-blunts and checks, all the checks!

photo (5)

Blab blab blab, I’m starting to ramble, but that’s what an awesome set-up does to me!  Tune up a Yo39 on 215’s (rip-tide’s for extra steez) and sub 65mm wheels for the Bustin Bubbles Yoface set-up de jour!


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