written by Bubbles March 1, 2017

It’s March, which normally means we’re dealing with snow turned slush and all of the other wonders that come along with late winter.  However, the Skate Gods have smiled upon us for the past week or so and we’ve been blessed with beautiful weather.  All this sunshine and skate stoke so early in the season has gotten me thinking about what wood I want under my feet this year (or at least through the Spring!)

One of the benefits (the many many benefits) of living the dream of working in a skate facility, is access to the tools and materials needed to make, well virtually anything.  We are additionally fortunate here at Bustin to be neighbors with, and have an awesome working relationship with a Maker Space right next door!  For those new to the concept; a gym is to working out, as a maker space is to building things.  Any construction tool you can imagine – they have it.  From a set of hammers to a bay of laser cutters and 3D printers.  Needless to say the possibilities are endless.

So what does a Downhill skateboarder do with access to skate manufacturing and a limitless supply of tools?  He makes himself a new skateboard!

First – I grabbed a blemished panel we had popped out from a Downhill mould of ours. On this particular pressing, the temperature of the presses ran too high and melted the outside layer a TINSEY little bit, creating some ripples in the top layer.  Bummer that it can’t go to a stoked rider, but it’ll have a new life as a shop Downhill deck!

Second – I wanted to come up with a new, goofy shape (if you know Bubbles, you’ll know I’m almost always on a quest for peak kookiness).  What kind of shape can I cut that will make people laugh, or angry, or face-palm or all three?  Easy call – I’m making a pintail…

Third – Alright the shape is all drawn out, I’ve laid out my wheelbases, my wheel wells – to the CNC machine!

Downhill Pintail Complete!


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