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Buccleuch Park Push Race-The Put On!

written by TeamBustin April 12, 2010

What a weekend! I left work Thursday night excited about my three day weekend. My plan was to do a little chill skating on Friday and be well rested for the race hosted by the Rutgers Longboarding Club in New Brunswick, NJ and then have a relaxing Sunday Shred with my fellow Concrete Kings. Friday was not at all the chill day I expected it to be. Some cool cats from Rhode Island stopped by the shop and that was the end of my chill skating. By that time I had already skated the Williamsburg Bridge and done a few miles in Brooklyn and Manhattan…but they wanted some of this infamous “Bridge” you always hear us talking about. Off we went. The Bridge to Union Square to Times Square to Columbus Circle back down Fifth Ave and back over the Bridge. They had to peace out in the city but those guys did some hard skating. Thanks to them for coming through.

Saturday morning I woke up exhausted and pretty worried about my performance (I kept that to myself). Roommate drama kept me up until 2AM and our New York crew was meeting at Penn Station around 830. What do I do?…Wake up at 8AM and skate from Wall Street to Penn Station. Nothing like a good skate in Manhattan rush hour traffic to wake you up. Add that to a large latte and a train car full of hyped up city slickers and my blood was boiling by the time the train got us where we were going.

Bustin and the Concrete Kings rolled up at least 20 deep and heads were swiveling all over campus. We were there early so we decided to do breakfast at one of the local spots on campus. Steaks and eggs for me. I wasn’t trying to stay lite….I was hungry!  We rolled back to Buccleuch Park to find lots more skaters and more of our crew. We did a few laps to warm up and learn the route. It was three loops totaling around 3 miles, mostly flat. Perfect.

While waiting I met lots of cool NJ skaters and formally met some of the Original crew. Brian Bishop….love your style! At 12 we were at the starting line and ready to go. Save a little static from the cops and it started without a hitch. I suppose steak and eggs were exactly what I needed…three laps later I powerslid right after being the first to cross the finish line. Adam Crigler and Taras Apuzzo finished the podium for guys followed by more of the crew. Lady J aka Jenica Davenport aka the Queen B topped the girls podium with Micku Murgolo and Miss Hi-Def (Nathalie Herring). Bustin family and the Concrete Kings put on!

Congrats to all skaters who participated and even more to the Rutgers Longboarding Club headed up by Liam Gilroy for throwing such an awesome inaugural event. Live music, free food and tons of swag! Thanks for having us! You are always welcome here!

I have more to write about this weekend but it’s the beginning of the week and lots of work to do around the shop. I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you in on the rest of the weekend with a new video by Sergi Ferrer of the Concrete Kings’ Sunday Shred.


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Brittany April 12, 2010 at 11:09 pm

It was so awesome meeting you guys. I love my new board & I got the hugest welcome to the Bustin fam, thank you guys so much! I definitely have to get to the shop.

Uptown Jenn April 13, 2010 at 1:33 pm

Yo! Nice Rollin S. Nice work Bustin! Everywhere I go I see you and here people talking about you.

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