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Building A Custom Longboard

written by TeamBustin May 31, 2014

Take an inside look at how all of our custom longboards are made. Hand-printed and assembled by skaters, for skaters. Here’s a little background to get you in the know.

Since our humble beginning in 2001, one of our key focuses has been on the value of art on skateboards. We started with the premise that if skateboarding is a sport of individual expression, then each rider should have the ability to customize their board to match their style. 

Through our online customization portal athttp://www.bustinboards.com/custom you can create your personalized board by customizing the graphics, colors, trucks, wheels and bearings. First choose a graphic from one of the amazing artists in our network and then make it YOU by playing with colors and components. As you begin adding trucks, wheels and bearings, make sure you watch the Performance Meter in the lower right-hand side of the screen to create a board that is right for your style of riding. 

When you are finished, turn it over to us and we’ll turn it out in about one week (lead times vary slightly by season). All custom boards are Hand-Printed, Signed and Numbered by the artist that creates them and then gripped, assembled and packed by one of the dedicated skate rats at the Bustin Headquarters. All boards are double sealed with a water-based, eco-friendly lacquer sealant and gripped using our premium, laser-cut Bustin grip. We also throw lots of swag into every order including stickers and whatever magazines/posters/etc we have from our friends across the industry. 

Finish off your order with one of our limited edition or custom apparel options or any of our other accessories such as helmets, skate tools, banners, hats, slide gloves and more

To get started or learn more about our company, visit www.bustinboards.com.


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