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Bustin a Groove : The Downhill Disco

written by TeamBustin April 10, 2014

Muir Skates 5th Annual Downhill Disco kicks off tomorrow, April 11th at 6PM. 8601 Production Avenue, San Diego, California 92121 is the place to be. Bustin has a couple riders who will be in attendance so keep an eye out for them on the hill!


Steven Vera will be there. Rocking his 2014 thermoglass boombox 38, Steven has been filming in California all month, and you better believe hes been getting his tricks crispier and crispier.

Will Royce nestles his feet into the comfy cave of his pro model for a steezy toeside

William Royce will be there as well. Always rocking his Pro-model deck and pushing his physical limits. William was just at Bustin Headquarters for a month but now he is on a new journey to find a home in sunny California!


Noah Fischer will be on the hill as well. Noah Just recovered from a dislocated elbow, but hes back on his EQ36 and ready to boogie at the disco!

Hopefully you can make it, it only cost $35 to compete!!To register follow the instructions here : Register

To get stoked watch this video from last years epic event!

Downhill Disco 2013 

See you on the hill!






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