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Bustin Baltimore Session: Banked Slalom at Lansdowne Skate Park

written by Josh Dunn July 10, 2017

A weekly initiative has begun with its roots deeply planted in the culture and community tha skateboarding comprises.  The #BustinBaltimoreSession is slated to go off every Sunday at Noon with the weekly plans being formulated in the official FaceBook group. This is a Skate Everything movement that will challenge riders to broaden their shreddy spectrum to include parks, hills, and city cruising as equal opportunities to get gnarly.

This week’s session is planned to go down at the legendary Lansdowne Skate Park which is one of the oldest public skate parks still operating on the East Coast. This unique concrete park was poured in a ditch format making this one continual snake run prime for pumping down the line of this perfect peeling point break.  We will be running a Banked Slalom similar to this previously ran event, with a few fun twists added in to ensure a good time is had by all. There will be prizes for the “winners” of each of the various categories but the real prize is the promise of fun for everyone. Get to dialing in your set up and we are looking forward to seeing each and every one of  y’all at Church next Sunday!


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