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Bustin Boards 4th Annual Design Contest is LIVE!!

written by Ryan April 8, 2014

Now that our 2014 lineup has dropped and the weather is heating up here in the NorthEast, we thought it was a good time to do our annual Bustin Design Contest.  This contest has been one of our most popular year after year as our boards and our customization options have evolved.  This year we’re stoked to include our new ThermoGlass and ThermoCarbon boards into the customization program along with fresh new graphics and an all-new color palate.  Combine all this with a fresh assortment of truck and wheel options and this year’s Design Contest is sure to be the most drool producing show to date.

Contest Basics

To enter you’ll design a board using our interactive Build-A-Board program at www.BustinBoards.com.  You’ll choose the graphic, color scheme, trucks and wheels that you think make up the sickest, sexiest setup on the planet and share it with the world to see if they agree.  All of our followers and our crew will be involved in liking the designs, so there is no golden rule to follow in picking your graphic, color scheme or setup.  Just create a sexy ass board that you would want to ride and hope that others like it too!

How Exactly To Enter

  1. Design your board at www.bustinboards.com/custom
  2. Take a screenshot and save on your computer.
  3. Upload the image, enter your email and give your board a name at www.bustinboards.com/designcontest
  4. Submit it and tell your friends to all vote for your design!


To celebrate the success of this contest, we’ve decided to take the prize packages up a few notches and make this unlike any other contest we’ve done.


First Place – The first place winner will win an all-expense paid trip to New York City on Labor Day Weekend (August 28th – September 1st) to skate and film with Will Royce, King Solomon and the rest of the Bustin Crew.  Day one will be spent hitting NYC’s best spots and sharing tasty meals (and beers if your old enough) with the crew.  On day two you’ll get a seat in the Bustin Van and roll with our team to the Acme Downhill IDF Race and hang with the Bustin Crew for a weekend of skating and chillin.  We’ll end the trip by letting you setup a fresh setup with Solomon at the Bustin Brooklyn Store and send you home with enough Bustin swag to make your parents worried.  To top it off, your design will be list first in a new “Design Inspiration” section of our site along with your name as the designer.  It’s true!  You’ll be a minutely famous in a very small industry for a very small amount of time, but your new board and your stories from NYC will live forever!

Second Place – You win the board you designed (or any complete from our site) and we’ll send it out to you along with a kings share of Bustin swag and apparel.  Plus, your board will be #2 on the new “Design Inspiration” section of our site along with your name as the designer.  You’ll be famous!  Not really, but your friends will be like “whoa, no way.”

3rd – 10th Place – Your design will live forever (by forever we mean one year) in a new “Design Inspiration” section of the site.  Picture your name in bold, beautiful 10 point HTML font below your sexy board creation.   Ok it’s not a huge deal but it’s still pretty cool.   You’ll be inspiring people to choose good design and thus making the world a more beautiful place to live.  You’re an f’ing hero dude, believe it.


How Exactly We’ll Choose a Winner

The voting will be weighted 50% based on user votes and 50% based on the votes from the Bustin Staff and Team.  Round One of voting will be the public vote and take place from April 8th – July 31st.  On August first the top 20 highest voted designs will make it through to Round Two where we’ll present them to the entire Bustin staff and team for voting.  From there we’ll choose the final Top 10 and announce the results on August 10th.

Contest Restrictions

  1. Each person can submit one design per day during the contest dates of 04/10 – 07/31.
  2. Each person is only allowed ONE vote per graphic during Round One.

Any Questions?  Email ‘skate@bustinboards.com’.  Thanks and good luck!


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