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Bustin Boards and Eastern Skateboard Supply join forces.

written by Ryan February 29, 2008


We are proud to announce a new partnership between Bustin Boards and Eastern Skateboard Supply to distribute Limited Edition Bustin Boards to shops across the world. We have been working with ESS for several years; buying trucks, wheels and accessories from them to stock our inventory. When the time came to work with a distributor, the choice was a no brainer. They have consistently offered the most professional, friendly and prompt service this industry has to offer and we are stoked that they will now be representing the Bustin name.

The wholesale program has been something that we have been grappling with for years. The biggest issue was how to preserve our principle of individuality and maintain the true character of the brand. Why and how does a company that preaches non-corporate-mass-production move into the wholesale market? Well, lets see…

Why? Because our phone rings off the hook with people wanting to know where they can see our boards in shops, to touch and feel the board before they buy. Because I’m tired of explaining to skate shop owners who call us daily why we can’t put our boards in their stores. Because the time has come to solve the problem and change the game of wholesale, just as we have changed the game of retail.

How? A TRUE Limited Edition program. Alot of companies these days use the label “limited edition”, but most of the time it is “limited-e-gimmick”. We wanted to find a way to spread both our name and the artwork of people we liked. We felt like just because we wanted our boards in shops did’nt mean we had to sell-out and jump into the cookie-cutter, mass production game like everyone else. We decided that if we could make the logistics of the Limited Edition program feasible, then we could convince a distributor to work with us. Figuring it couldn’t hurt to start big, we scheduled a meeting, packed up the whip and headed to Wilmington, North Carolina. We pitched the idea to ESS, they loved it and just like that we’re rolling.

With the boards set to hit the shelves in early April, we are now just focusing on reaching out to the coolest shops from around the world. We are asking all of our customers and supporters to shoot us over their lists of the coolest shops in their cities and towns. From there we will reach out to some specific shops in addition to Eastern’s current account list and try to get the boards in some unique shops in cities around the world.

We really want to thank all of our customers and supporters for helping us build the brand to this point. On that note, I’d also like to make clear that the Custom side of our business is not going anywhere. Despite the deal with ESS, we are continuing to invest more resources than ever into our online services and believe this is where the strength of our brand will really live and breath.

One love everyone and cheers from the Bustin headquarters,





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