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Bustin Boards Announces The Spliff

written by TeamBustin September 5, 2007


After years of development, the Spliff board has finally come! See the full press release after the jump.

(Hoboken, NJ. September 5) – Bustin Boards announces the release of their latest deck, the Spliff, after years of development. Following continued success with their first two models, the Complex and Cigar boards, the Spliff will continue to provide customers with the smooth ride and one of a kind graphics they’ve come to expect from Bustin.

The Spliff represents nearly three years of development and engineering. “We spent a crazy amount of time refining this model,” says co-owner Ryan Daughtridge. “We could have started production a year ago, but we decided to continue working on the design until we were satisfied with every aspect of the shape.”

Anticipation for the latest design has steadily grown after prototypes were spotted at previous longboard events. “We’ve had customers contacting us for the past 12 months asking us to start production or offering to buy one of the older prototypes,” says production manager Nick Faust. “We’re really looking forward to customer feedback on the final shape.”

The deck features six ply Canadian maple veneer, cold-pressed with a composite glue. With multiple rear truck mounting positions, riders will be able to fine tune their setup based on their personal riding style. Customers will be able to select from numerous graphics, custom color combinations and different component options. The Spliff board will be offered exclusively through the Bustin Boards website. A special video featuring the Spliff board can be seen at www.bustinboards.com/spliff_video.asp


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